Henna Morena is a company that has changed the way we relate to our hair, listening to women and sharing with them, respectfully, the most natural way to take care of it.
Because we knew that nature was wise, but we also discovered that no one could improve it. That is why we are the first brand with a supplier that is as complete as it is essential: nature.

Our range of products takes advantage of the ability of plants to give health and beauty, offering you botanical treatments so that you learn to care for, improve and reconnect with your hair.
Nature is our supplier: we work with botanical ingredients and our color range is composed exclusively of plants, without additives. To ensure the accuracy of declared botanical ingredients, we perform DNA identification on all of our plants.
Plants are the future
Each of the original Henna Morena formulas is based on the benefits of phytotherapy, with ingredients from controlled crops or wild collection, most of them of Mediterranean origin. Each and every one of them are chosen for their excellence and infinite cosmetic and healthy properties. Our botanical treatments are inspired by ancient formulas that have been improved to offer greater benefits for hair, because we are clear that plants are also our future.
Inspired by the Mediterranean
Olive trees, almonds, rosemary, orange tree, thyme, sage, grapes... We are inspired by what surrounds us, that is why local plants are so important to us. But in addition, we incorporate species from other cultures, plants that have been part of hair care for many women in the world. We learn together, from each other.
Respectful crops
Some products in our range contain plants from controlled cultivation and whose traceability is guaranteed, such as hair infusions or hair colouring. That means that the natural cycles of the earth are respected, without overexploiting it, so that it rests. We accumulate little stock, because that way we always offer fresh products, which better preserve the benefits of the plants.
Limited production
We are in favor of packaging in small quantities. We do not want to have stock of plants for a long time, because the benefits of fresh plants would disappear. We always want to offer you a high quality product, freshly crushed, so that you have the guarantee of always buying plants from the crop of the year.
Social projects
We are not only here to produce products, but to create a collaborative network with social projects that promote responsible consumption and sustainable growth. For example, the Ragussi Association of Burkina Faso, where more than 1200 women work, provides shea butter; Apinyó, a bicycle transport company, distributes local orders by bicycle or Roure Foundation, a local association providing services for the elderly and families, they make our turbants.  We also collaborate with other projects that empower women, because doing so is part of our DNA.
Local production and packaging
All our products are packaged in Spain and most of them are made in local economy. This allows us to better control the quality of each product, as well as being a commitment to local development. Often this commitment to proximity has an impact on higher costs for Henna Morena, but we believe it is worth it.
Sustainable packaging
Our awareness also extends to the materials we use to package our products. Whenever possible it is recyclable and, in some cases, compostable.
More orders, more trees
We have started the project "Conscious Cosmetics", thanks to which we will allocate part of each order to reforestation projects around the world. Why are we doing this? If reforestation is done correctly, it contributes to improving the environment and countering the consequences of climate change.
Cruelty Free & Vegan friendly
Obviously, our products aren’t tested on animals, and most of them are vegan.