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1Because you treat your hair with respect. 2Because you use cosmetics with exclusive formulas and organic ingredients. 3Because you dedicate more time to yourself. 4Because beauty is not trying to be someone else, but always being yourself. 5Because you are natural and you use products without chemicals. 6Because you are generous and think plural.


Each of Henna Morena's original formulas are based on the benefits of phytotherapy, with ecological ingredients from controlled crops or wild collection, chosen for their excellence and infinite cosmetic and healthy properties. Our botanical treatments are inspired by ancient formulas, and have been re-adapted and improved in a responsible manner.


Henna Morena is the brand of natural cosmetics for hair based on phytotherapy and the ability of plants to give health and beauty. The Mediterranean is our origin and from it arose civilizations that cultivated beauty as part of its language. Greeks and Romans, and later our own grandmothers, created a culture around caring. But our products go beyond, provide beauty and nourish the hair so that your hair is more careful than ever.


Time is important. The one you dedicate and the one you need to return to beauty rituals without hurry. We do not understand cosmetics as miracle products: perseverance and dedication to oneself are the keys to take care of yourself.

In our showrooms you can experience the Henna Morena experience.


Our processes of creation, work and production are processes carried out carefully for the conservation of the world around us. That is why we use only the necessary machinery or produce a limited stock of our products so that they do not lose their benefits, but at the same time because we understand nature and its tempos. It is not about anything else than being aware.

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