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Henna Morena is a brand of natural hair cosmetics based on herbal medicine and the ability of plants to give our hair health and beauty. Our grandmothers already used plants to take care of it, a tradition that at Henna Morena we have wanted to recover for being wise, honest and respectful with nature. We are Mediterranean and we love its nature.

Sandra Vivancos, creator of Henna Morena and hairdresser, created the brand as a way of transmitting knowledge about plants from woman to woman, because that is how history is woven.

Henna Morena is the brand of natural cosmetics for hair based on phytotherapy and the ability of plants to give health and beauty. Each ingredient in our formulas is chosen for its excellence and infinite cosmetic and healthy properties. Our botanical treatments are inspired by ancient formulas that have been improved to offer grater benefits for the hair.
Wild collection
The benefit of collecting plants directly from the nature is that lacking external treatments, they are stronger, resistant and rich in nutrients. These plants are harvested at the right moment of maximum accumulation of active substances. Leaves, for example, are collected once a year, roots and rhizomes every 2 or 3 years and some plants every 5, 6 or more years. Afterwards, the collected plants should dry as soon as possible so they don't lose its properties.
Controlled crops
Other products in our range contain plants form controlled crops and whose traceability is guaranteed, such as hair infusions, or hair coloring. This means that the natural cycles of the land are respected, without over-exploiting it, so it can rest. We accumulate little stock because that way we always offer fresh products, which better preserve the benefits of the plants.
Ecological ingredients
Some of our products come from organic crops, this is the case of our ecological and 100% pure Shea Butter. In Africa, the shea tree is a sacred tree and more than 300.000 women in Burkina Faso work making shea butter. Of these, 1.200 are part of a cooperative with which we work: they collect the fruit, toast it, grind it, beat it and process it until it becomes something similar to a chocolate bar.
Almost all our formulas are made with mediterranean fruits and plants, some such as olive, almond, rosemary, orange tree, thyme, sage or grape. In addition, the synergy of plants is inspired by the ancestral combinations that Mediterranean women used in the past.
All of our products are packaged in Spain and most of them are made locally. This allows us to control the quality of each product and also as a commitment to local industry. Often, this commitment to proximity has an impact on higher costs for Henna Morena, but we believe it is worth it.

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