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The followers of our ambassadors ask for Henna Morena products they use, for this reason, we have created a very special combination with a Tote Bag as a GIFT. Discover the 10 most demanded packs. 

Sílvia Abril is generous, free, takes care of herself consciously and has the look of someone who always laughs and makes other people laugh. She has been a Henna Morena woman for years and we wanted to make her pack with these products because they are the ones she uses. She is a lavender lover. 

We have created the pack of products that Arantxa Areta, an influencer specialist in nutrition and health, uses to dye her hair in a natural way. Are you a follower of her Instagram account and you wonder how she achieves such a beautiful hazel tone? In this new pack you will discover what product you need to get it. 

Olivia is authentic, conscious and sweet. It has the magic of a family with character and the sensitivity of the artist it carries inside. We have created a pack of products that she uses to take care of her beautiful hair. 

Olga Sicilia is from Malaga, mother, creator of digital content about beauty, lifestyle, and motherhood. She is always elegant, because of how she takes care of herself, how she expresses and because she gives a wonderful natural calm. Olga has very fine and delicate hair, and she uses Henna Morena to nourish, strengthen and prevent hair loss. These are her products. 
Hello curly girl! We have created 3 packs with Aida Tinkerbell, influencer and curly hair specialist. The packs are designed for all those who have curly hair and want to take care of it naturally. Suitable for the Curly Girl method. 
Sandra is the creator of Henna Morena. She has dark brown hair and she uses the combination of plants that make her tone very natural and she cover her gray hair in a dark brown tone.

Bibiana Cuevas, Pilates instructor, lover of the sea and with a blonde hair that we all dream of. We have created this pack with the products that she uses to keep her hair healthy and protect it from external aggressions.

Stylist and cooking photographer by passion and by profession, everything that she inspires and transmits makes her a Henna Morena woman. We share with you the products that she uses for her hair and also for her hair care routine.

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