Bibiana Cuevas

Bibiana Cuevas, a Pilates instructor, lover of the sea, with a blonde mane that many dream of. We've curated this selection of products that she uses to keep her hair healthy and protect it from external aggressions. 

Which values of Henna Morena do you identify with the most? 

Without a doubt, that the products are natural and sustainable. 

What is your particular ritual with Henna Morena products? 

Using the hair oil, besides transporting me to nature with its scents, the care I give to my hair every time I apply it. 

How has your hair changed since you started using Henna Morena? 

Now it has a spectacular shine, and I need to trim it less at the hairdresser since the tips are better cared for. 

Do you have any advice or tricks you'd like to share? 

Using Shea butter after a day of sun, beach, sand, sea... etc... I like to warm it in a jar in a water bath and enjoy applying it all over my body, feeling how it nourishes it. 

How would you explain Henna Morena to a friend? 

It will be as I explain it, an explosion of care and attention for the hair, undoubtedly, the difference is noticeable. 

What product do you recommend the most? 

Oh, that's difficult, my indispensable products for daily use are green tea solid shampoo and lavender oil. 

What is your essential product if you had to go to a deserted island? 

Deserted island, lots of Shea butter to take care of my skin and hair. No doubt!