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Shea: Today we talk about skin

But, you ... Are not you a hair specialist? Yes, but knowing how we know shea, we need to explain how it acts on the skin. And if you read it, you need it.Incorporating shea to your beauty [...]

Discover the first solid After Sun!

This summer, the first solid After Sun on the market arrives: shea in pill. A remedial treatment for after the sun, which moisturizes in depth, protects the skin and prevents premature aging. We [...]

Untangling the summer

It is the ideal product for the time of year that is approaching, when our hair is much more exposed to the sun, chlorine from the pool, sea salt and those collected with damp hair to avoid [...]


Cleopatra already used it to take care of her hair. And Greeks and Romans have already discovered their regenerative, nutritive, antioxidant properties to keep skin and hair hydrated and [...]

Oils or masks in winter?

It's cold. It is a fact. And the cold also affects our hair. This is also a fact. How do we protect it? The truth is that both oils and masks will help protect our hair from external factors, [...]

Do the oils oil the hair?

Nobody likes a greasy hair. Right? Frequently, the hair grease is the result of a disorder of the organism, which produces an excess of sebum in the scalp and, consequently, impregnates the hair [...]

Mediterranean clay, the powdered hair mask that...

Imagine 30 meters deep. There, underground, sheltered from light and air, from an absolutely pure place, we extract our clay. And if we went so far to get it, it's that something very good had [...]

7 questions for 7 infusions

To bathe my hair in infusions? Yes, it is the latest in cosmetics, the most natural and revolutionary treatment to take care of your hair in the most natural way.In Henna Morena we have [...]

Prepare your own vegan shampoo

Is there anything more natural than a plant? We present our first powdered plant shampoo, to prepare yourself. You can also take it with you on a trip!The plants are wise. So much so that [...]

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