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How will vegetable hair dye look on me?

Can I apply henna if I'm blonde? How will my gray hair look? What effect does it have on dark hair? Can I apply henna if I have hair dyed with synthetic dyes? In this article we give you answers [...]

From synthetic coloring to vegetable coloring

The unknown usually scares us. However, it is ironic that the unknown is, in this case, nature. Taking care of yourself through the plants is one of the oldest rituals that exist, so overcome [...]

Why do natural dyes take better care of hair...

No, you're not the only one who has doubts about the differences between a natural dye and a synthetic dye. Effectively, one and the other do not act in the same way on our hair. And the process [...]

Truths and lies of Henna

Is it true that if you use dyes you can not apply henna? Is your result unpredictable? Do you dry your hair? We explain what is true and what is not.We have all heard about henna, Alheña in [...]

Why switch to plant pigmentation?

Is the natural always better than the chemical? The truth is that the natural and the chemical are not necessarily antagonistic concepts, because in any natural substance, biochemical [...]

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