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6 ways to use Shea

6 ways to use Shea

Published : 02/22/2019


The African savanna gives us a butter of vegetable origin which we have already mentioned several times, the shea butter. This butter comes from the karite tree or Vitellaria paradoxa. 


When you discover that a single pill of Shea can replace several of your usual creams, it is then when you decided to be at the side of kariteadictos. 

Do you want to know 6 ways to apply this wonderful butter?

1 // To moisturize your skin. Chop the shea and apply it to your body rubbing to give it heat and penetrate well and deeply. An extra ecological moisturizer that creates a protective film on your skin against external factors such as cold and, at the same time, regenerative.


2 // To repair nails and cuticles. When you are applying the shea on your skin there is nothing better than to finish with a massage on the hands, to strengthen nails and repair the cuticles.



3 // To enrich your body cream. You can undo the shea with heat until it turns into oil, an oil with extraordinary benefits that contains vitamins A and E that will help prevent the deterioration of the skin. Pour a few drops of this warm oil into your body cream and mix it. In this way you will strengthen the moisturizing factor.


4 // Anti-wrinkle for eye contour. Karite on the face? Yes, we already told you that this butter was magic. You can apply it on the contour of the eyes as a routine at night, also ideal for after sun to recover the hydration and elasticity of your skin. Recommended for surfers and athletes who practice outdoors. 


5 // To gain density in your lashes. I impregnate a swab with a little melted shea and comb your eyelashes once a week. Yes, you have read it well! It is a great strengthening treatment.


6 // Hair mask. Very dry manes; we present you to your ally. Melt it in a bain-marie until you get an oil. If you want, add some first cold pressed oil. Pour it warm on the mane. Wrap your hair in a turban and let it act a few hours. Wash in depth twice.

Shea butter, a single product for your whole body

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