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7 questions for 7 infusions

7 questions for 7 infusions

Published : 10/04/2018

To bathe my hair in infusions? Yes, it is the latest in cosmetics, the most natural and revolutionary treatment to take care of your hair in the most natural way.

In Henna Morena we have created 7 botanical master formulas based on Mediterranean plants of wild collection.  

Enjoy the sensation of noticing the hot infusion running through your scalp and the smell of plants that descend from the roots to the tips: you will have discovered a new way to treat your hair.


But since we know you can have some questions here are our answers:


What do the infusions bring to my hair?


Your hair will recover the shine of before, you will stop hair loss, you will eliminate excess sebum ... Each formula is different and gives you different benefits. Check our post where we explain the properties of each of them. Or, if you prefer, you can call us and we will give you details. As experts in plants, we will advise you if you need it.

How often can I use them?


The natural has no limits! You can use them once a week, every time you wash your hair or once a month. The botanical cosmetic of Henna Morena works always to enhance beauty and respect the structure of your hair, so it will never harm you.

 I dyed my hair and I do not know if I can use them now

The natural infusions can be used on all types of hair: curly, smooth, wavy, dry, oily or even dyed or permanent hair ... Perhaps, the latter, have already been screaming for time.

How do I apply them?

As you already know, and if you do not know it, you'll already realize, complicated things do not go. Apply the infusions does not require any master in botany because you just have to open the envelope, place the tea in a teapot or bowl with very hot water, let it rest and pour it warm on your hair. If you let it air dry between 20 and 30 minutes you will notice all the aromas of the plants while your hair absorbs all its benefits.


Can I only use them separately?


No, one of the strengths of hair infusions is that they can be mixed together to balance their properties. For example:

You can use part of Formula  6 with chamomile calendula and orange bark to boost your blonde and mix it with Formula 7 with dulcamara, mauve and abrótano if you also have your hair dry and got it! Two remedies in one.

You can also use them to prepare your own personalized Vegetable Powder Shampoo, as we explained in our last post or with the Mediterranean Clay to provide that extra that your hair needs.

They look like the typical infusions that we have always taken in a cup.


And they are. They are Mediterranean plants that we have mixed together to create 7 formulas for 7 remedies. The truth is that our grandmothers and great grandmothers took care of their hair with infusions, and since everything good lasts, Henna Morena has decided to recover this ritual.


What will I find when I get home?


When your package reaches your hands you will begin to be freer as it will mean that you have taken a step forward to leave behind the ties to traditional hairdressers and their processes.

Each formula contains two infusion bags, with information on use and its ingredients. Each bag is for one use.



A new way of understanding plants begins 



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