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Are you new to Henna Morena?

Are you new to Henna Morena?

Published : 04/09/2021

If you are new to Henna Morena and you don’t know where to start with our products, we have put together a compilation of useful articles from our magazine that contain everything you need to know to get started in natural cosmetics.


1. You’ve been using synthetic dyes and don’t know how to switch to natural coloring?

If so far you have dyed your hair with synthetic dyes and you think it’s time to say good-bye to them, but don’t know how to start with plant-based coloring, here we are to help. In this article we show you step by step.

2. You know your hair but you don’t know which coloring formula to choose?

Choosing the right natural dye depends on the desired tone and the state of the hair. Find here a basic guide of plant-based coloring so you know what shade you have to choose.

3. Do you want to know how our coloring formulas look on different hair types?

Probably, you have doubts about how the plant-based dye will look on your hair. We have collected several real cases in this article so that you can see the result with your own eyes.

4. Do you want to know how to get the perfect result when applying Henna or other plant-based dyes?

Having healthy and strong hair is basic when applying natural coloration. That’s why we always recommend treating the hair with an intensive hydration treatment before coloring. Here you have all the tips. 

5. Do you want to restore the health of your hair but don’t know how to do it? Cold-pressed oils will be your allies.

Cold-pressed oils repair hair damage caused by dryers, irons, synthetic products and the sun; they promote hair growth, moisturize and repair the hair cuticle, provide shine and help the color of the dyes to stay longer. But... are they all the same? No. They all have its qualities and every type of hair needs a different oil. You can find out which is the most appropriate for you in this article.  

6. Do you suffer from hair loss and want to treat it with plants?

Hair loss can be originated by many causes, such as an unbalanced diet, a physical process linked to a disease or a hormonal change, stress or others. Either way, plants help you to stop hair loss in a very effective way. Here we explain which products and hair routines you should start following to fight it. 

7. Do you follow the Curly Method and don’t know which Henna Morena products you can use? 

At Henna Morena we love curls. They are a reflection of naturalness, freedom and character, the same cocktail that moves us and that we want for your relationship with your hair. If you are already determined to get the most out of your curls, this guide will be your manual. We explain how to abandon all those chemical ingredients that oversaturate the hair, leaving it dull, and we propose natural alternatives

8. Want to say good-bye to the frizz? 

We know frizz can become a nightmare, but don’t despair. As with many other problems, there are tricks and products that will help you control it. If you follow a good hair routine throughout the year, as we explain here, we are sure you will manage to keep the frizz at bay.

9. Do you know what kind of shampoo your hair needs? 

For us, washing the hair is as important as an oil treatment or using a good hair brush, so there are different types of shampoo for different hair needs. To choose the most suitable for you, you must first know your hair well. Do you know what its structure is, and what its needs are? All these questions are answered here.

10. Are you blonde?

Many times you ask us if we have products for blondes. And of course, the answer is yes. Blond hair, having less melanin, is more sensitive and has a greater permeability to external aggressions. It tends to become dehydrated and fade faster than other tones, that’s why it needs more attention. With these tips and recommendationsyou will get the best blonde ever.  

11. Do you want to dye your hair at home but having to prepare the dye is holding you back?

The solution is called Fresco. It is a fresh coloration mixture that we prepare at our showroom so you can enjoy it without having to do the mixing at home. Once you receive it at home, it remains 72h in optimal conditions. Your only task will be applying it!

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