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Do the oils oil the hair?

Do the oils oil the hair?

Published : 12/04/2018

Nobody likes a greasy hair. Right? Frequently, the hair grease is the result of a disorder of the organism, which produces an excess of sebum in the scalp and, consequently, impregnates the hair with dirt. It is in these occasions when we have the sensation of a dirty mane.

To avoid further lubrication, there is nothing better than starting a first cold pressed oil treatment. Today we are going to explain you how to do it. Attentive!

Yes, although it seems paradoxical, the first cold press oils help us balance the hair's fat. How?

First of all, our hair does not absorb oil, but it works in a superficial way, depositing nutritional elements such as the fatty acids that help us repair the damaged external layer of the hair, strengthen it and restore the balance of fat in oily hairs.

The body asks for what it needs and gets rid of surpluses for its proper functioning. The same happens with the hair, it is nourished by the properties of the oil and what is not necessary is not absorbed.

In addition, the oil acts creating a fine barrier that acts between our hair and the outside, creating a natural protective layer.


Remember that there are always genetic factors that can intervene in the creation of more or less fat in our scalp, as well as factors related to our diet.

Apply only cold pressed first oils. As they are not refined they contain a great purity and favor the nutritional actions that our cells need. Each oil can provide an extra to your hair, according to your needs. Here we leave ours and a post where we solve some more questions about oils.



Give your hair what it asks of you: learn to listen to it!


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