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Do you know how to take care of your hair in winter?

Do you know how to take care of your hair in winter?

Published : 01/13/2021

With the arrival of cold, hair suffers: cold in the street, extreme heat, wind, abuse of the dryer ... The outermost part of the hair, the cuticle, needs specific care, being more exposed to the weather. But also the hair follicles, the concavity under the skin in which each hair is born, one of the most active areas of the whole organism, and where the sebaceous glands are located.

In winter, these glands suffer a vasoconstrictor effect on the scalp and stop producing the hair's natural fat, drying it out, producing more static electricity and frizz.

The solution is to moisturize, protect and extra vitamins.

These are our recommendations.

  • Apply oil masks every week, as always. The oil is the fundamental element to hydrate it in depth and repairing the cuticle: the healthier you have the hair, the less evaporation of the natural water of the hair. But also, you can add a few drops of oil in the usual shampoo: this way we give an extra dose of hydration.
  • If you are in a very cold area or you notice it especially dry, you can make express masks half an hour before washing the hair, adding a few drops in the hand and distributing it all over the hair.
  • Do not abuse the hot water: the scalp suffers and the ends become brittle. Do not abuse the plates and dryers, a time bomb if your hair is dry or weakened by chemical treatments (dyes).
  • Use caps to protect the scalp from the cold: this way it does not suffer so much and the sebaceous glands are more relaxed.
  • Apply from time to time our formula of Cassia Obovata or neutral henna on the hair: it is a preparation exclusively based on crushed plants. Do not stain at all, you can apply it on natural hair or dyed indistinctly, and will provide silicon, magensio and iron. If you add beer when preparing the mixture, it will also provide you with vitamin B. It is very easy to apply and you will notice the effect right away.
  • Brush with a good ecological wood brush and avoid static electricity.

Knowing your hair better, you will know how to take better care of it. Or what is the same, with more information, you will better choose what you need.

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