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From synthetic coloring to vegetable coloring

From synthetic coloring to vegetable coloring

Published : 01/22/2019

The unknown usually scares us. However, it is ironic that the unknown is, in this case, nature. Taking care of yourself through the plants is one of the oldest rituals that exist, so overcome your brakes and discover the benefits of taking care of your hair in the most natural way that exists.


The plants are truth: they provide you with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, as well as, in some cases, tannins that give color. Moving from synthetic to vegetable coloring requires, above all, a change of chip. And afterwards, know how your hair is going to react.



1 // Be aware. This is the first step to leave a habit that we thought was the only option, the consumption of synthetic chemicals in the hair, and start discovering a new way to care for our hair and skin. Our hair, like our whole body, acts as a container for chemicals. Some have gradually been expelled, but others continue to damage our hair fibers.

2 // Patience. We must begin to understand the times of nature and adapt to them, and be constant so that our change has results. So before defining the color we want in our hair, we must restructure the hair fibers and recover the health of it, if it is not healthy there is no beautiful color.

3 // Prepare and recover. The first pressed cold oils are the protagonists in this step. Nourish the hair with good fats, so that later it can absorb well the pigments and minerals of the plants. The oils penetrate the epidermis by nourishing it and protecting the lipid layer. They have soothing, softening, toning and regenerating effects.

Start by doing a weekly oil bath for a month. You must apply it from roots to ends, soaking all the hair. Massage your scalp, with a natural wood brush if you prefer, so that the oil penetrates well and let it act 2 hours before washing your hair or overnight for an extra hydration. We leave you here our tutorial.

4 // The perfect formula. When we have our hair ready for the change then, it's time to choose the best combination for our hair.

As we always tell you; henna only exists one and will give us a coppery color, more or less intense, depending on the base color of our hair. So the formulas of lavender and orange blossom, rosemary and sage, thyme and nettle are ideal for all types of hair, each plant will provide something different. While the formula with chamomile we recommend it for more blonde hair and the one of black tea, cinnamon and hibiscus for dark hair. We can always combine them to intensify the color or reduce it.


Trust in nature is to trust in yourself.


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01/24/2019 14:34:26

¡Qué interesante! Que ganas de dejar de usar químicos en mi pelo...

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