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How will vegetable hair dye look on me?

How will vegetable hair dye look on me?

Published : 06/18/2019

Can I apply henna if I'm blonde? How will my gray hair look? What effect does it have on dark hair? Can I apply henna if I have hair dyed with synthetic dyes? In this article we give you answers and we show you the result about various hair types.

No more doubts!


Do not be afraid of henna. This plant, with a great pigmenting capacity, reacts differently depending on the base color of the hair, and the plants you add when preparing it. In this article we will try to be as didactic as possible and explain "before and after" of 4 examples, with the recipes we use to achieve that result. Because we are specialists in henna and plant coloring. Benefit from the plants and share the awareness that nature gives us.


Pure henna on dark and dark hair with gray hair

Applied formula

Henna with Black Tea, Cinnamon and Hibiscus

Almond and Myrrh Oil

Aloe Gel and Lavender


In this case we apply the Henna with Black Tea, Cinnamon and Hibiscus and add 4 tablespoons of Almond and Myrrh Oil. To redefine the curls, after washing the hair, apply a little Aloe Gel and Lavender.

The base of the darker hair is in a more dull coppery tone, while the gray hairs have a lighter base and a more intense coppery tone, creating a more natural pigmentation, without uniformizing our hair, respecting our nature.




The henna for blond and blond hair with gray hair

Applied formula


Almond Oil, Grape Nugget and Petit Grain

Juice of half a lemon


For the clearer manes that want to bring shine and intensify the golden nuances we always recommend the formula with Chamomile. We can add juice of half a lemon to the mixture to accentuate the blond together with the 4 tablespoons of Almond Oil, Grape Nugget and Petit Grain.

In case of having blond or light gray hair, this formula will also qualify the gray hair by matching the hair.






Pure henna on brown hair

Applied formula

Henna with Thyme and Nettle

Almond Oil, Jasmine and Azahar


On the chestnut hair the Henna with Thyme and Nettle with 4 spoonfuls of Almond Oil and Jasmine to the mix will give us a lovely medium copper color. And not only we will bring color to the hair, but we will be nourishing it and restoring its health.



La henna pura sobre cabellos claros 

Applied formula

Henna with Rosemary and Salvia

Almond oil and Henna flower


Do you want to be a redhead? Pure henna on light or blond hair will pigment in intense copper tones. We can apply it on hair dyed with synthetic dyes, with some shades.

If the dye you have used does not contain ammonia or oxidants, you can use the henna without problems. If the dye carried ammonia, you should leave at least 2 weeks from your last application to apply henna. Otherwise, what can happen is that the henna does not pigment enough hair and you do not notice its color. If the dye was discolorant and you lightened the base tone (from brunette to blonde, for example), we advise you not to use the henna immediately. Go back to your natural color and apply henna on it.



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