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Lavender, you give us a lot

Lavender, you give us a lot

Published : 10/25/2019

The smell of lavender inspires us: it reminds us of the bouquets that we prepared in the summers of our childhood and also the smell of clean sheets. It is a perfume that we quickly identify and that calms us, relaxes us and makes us feel in a safe territory.


However, today we wanted to talk about it from another point of view and discover 10 secrets about this popular plant:

1 · The scientific name of lavender is 'lavandula' and there are 60 different species.

2 · It is a plant native to the Mediterranean area. Now we can find it cultivated in many parts of the world.

3 · It is resistant and tolerates droughts and winds, but due to its origin it does not tolerate very cold environments. However, it is evergreen.

4 · The color lavender pantone is the one that corresponds to the species most cultivated the 'lavandula angustifolia'.

5 · The stems of the lavender are covered with fine pilosities, right from there the essential oils are extracted.

6 · In Ancient Egypt they used it as a perfume to flavor both clothing and skin, and it was a main ingredient of incense.

7 · Do you know that lavender flowers are edible and are used in the preparation of dishes and sweets?

8 · One of its best known properties is its relaxing power, making it ideal to add in the water before getting into the bathtub.

9 · It has anti-inflammatory properties.

10 · The oil of almonds and lavender, helps to take care of our hair, since it prevents hair loss, acts as a disinfectant, and protects your scalp from external aggressions. In addition, the base of almonds and its high content of vitamin E will hydrate and bring a spectacular smoothness.



Nature is full of treasures: lavender is one of them, do not you think?

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