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Mediterranean clay, the powdered hair mask that strengthens your hair

Mediterranean clay, the powdered hair mask that strengthens your hair

Published : 10/22/2018

Imagine 30 meters deep. There, underground, sheltered from light and air, from an absolutely pure place, we extract our clay. And if we went so far to get it, it's that something very good had to be contributed to your hair, right?

But that is not all. After extracting it, we let it dry in the sun with thin layers to get a powder that, mixed with hot water and applied to your hair for about 30 minutes, will become your perfect ally to strengthen the hair structure. It is truly an ancestral gift for therapeutic care.

We are fortunate that the geological properties of the Mediterranean are rich in antioxidants. This allows us to supply our land to produce Henna Morena products, as is the case of clay.


What does the depth bring?

This is a question that we would ask ourselves. For purity: the depth guarantees that the mineral wealth of the clay remains intact because its properties have not been washed away by the rain or have disappeared due to erosion.


At the same time, these clays have also absorbed more moisture. This is why once it is extracted, it is dried in the sun. In this way we have a clay that, in addition to being richer in mineral elements, has received a drying process that has given it more properties.


And true, we have not invented anything, since the Egyptians and the Greeks already used clay to deflate and heal wounds. Without going any further, Cleopatra, the famous woman with jet black hair of right angles and deep dark eyes, already used in her skin and hair this marvel because of its great capacity of adsorption that allows to trap and eliminate impurities.


How is it used?

Put in a bowl enough to apply on your hair and add water to create a mud. Apply on dry hair and let it act for 30 minutes. Then, rinse and wash normally. You will get:


- Act as a tonic that removes waste.

- Stimulate growth and regulate sebum production.

- Function as a natural treatment to reduce hair loss, dandruff and dermatitis.

- If instead of preparing it with water, you do it with one of our infusions, you will get extra care for your hair.

 There are few things that the new Mediterranean Clay is not capable of.

Love our land, learn from it and nourish yourself of its properties

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