Prepare your own vegan shampoo

Prepare your own vegan shampoo

Published : 09/27/2018 18:18:50
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Is there anything more natural than a plant? We present our first powdered plant shampoo, to prepare yourself. You can also take it with you on a trip!

The plants are wise. So much so that even among them there is a hair-washing! It is the Accina Concinna, a plant very rich in saponin, a natural cleanser used since ancient times to wash and care for hair.

With Acacia Concinna powder we have created our Vegetable Powder Shampoo, the only 100% vegetable shampoo, without surfactants, or what is the same, without the chemical substances contained in the shampoos to achieve a greater penetration of water and soap in the hair. Thanks to them you get a better cleaning (due to its emulsifying effect) but they are also more aggressive with the hair and the dermis.


The new Henna Morena Vegetable Powder Shampoo comes from the fruit of an Asian tree. What benefits do you have if you use it? Take a note:

  • Strengthen and regenerate hair
  • You prevent the fall
  • It is highly recommended for those people who want to say goodbye to dandruff
  • You bring shine to your hair

You just have to mix the powder with a couple or three tablespoons of warm water and apply the mixture on wet hair. If, instead of water, you add one of our hair infusions, you will create your personalized shampoo. Greasy hair? Romero's infusion Weak hair? Infusion of Salvia ...

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