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Recipes so that color does not leave you

Recipes so that color does not leave you

Published : 06/11/2019

The salt, the sun, the chlorine from the pools, the humidity in the hair ... the external aggressions in the summer are damaging the color of our hair. And it is just at that moment when we should think about the plants.

There are botanical formulas that take care of our hair and, at the same time, are the ideal option to maintain the color we want. Abusing synthetic dyes can dismember the hair fiber and dry the scalp.

We leave you some very simple recipes that you can do at home, to keep the color for longer.

For blond or light hair

Hair infusion of calendula and chamomile

Vodka shot

Prepare an Infusion of calendula and chamomile, about 300ml. Strain it, let it cool and add a shot of vodka. This is the mixture of vaporizers in a bottle.

Apply it to your hair after each rinse and do not rinse it.

You will manage to maintain the most beautiful blond color!

For dark or dark hair

Grape seed oil

Fresh aloe

Mix two tablespoons of each of the ingredients in a glass jar and put it in the fridge 20 minutes.

After the usual washing, this mask rich in antioxidants will be applied and will remain between 30 and 40 min. Rinse your hair well and that's it!

If with these two recipes you are left wanting to know more, we invite you to our next highest "How to maintain color in summer" with many more recipes and tips.

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