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Shea: Today we talk about skin

Shea: Today we talk about skin

Published : 06/01/2020

But, you ... Are not you a hair specialist? Yes, but knowing how we know shea, we need to explain how it acts on the skin. And if you read it, you need it.

Incorporating shea to your beauty routine, especially in summer, is to help your skin is more hydrated, elastic, protected and, ultimately, healthier. But let's start at the beginning ... do you know shea?

Shea is a body and facial butter from the fruit of a tree that is born in the African savannah. Its production process is as important as its benefits, because in addition to being a totally handmade production, it is developed by an association of women from Burkina Faso: they collect the fruit, select it, toast it and grind it until they get a butter, ecological and vegan, without microplastics, mineral oils or metallic nanoparticles that contaminate the sea or the environment.
A product that connects women who live thousands of kilometers away.

And what are its benefits? Shea is one of the most moisturizing products that exist: it is ideal for after the sun because it soothes and calms very dry skins. Due to its fat composition, it retains moisture, preventing dehydration of the skin, providing flexibility and elasticity, a natural antiaging. Thanks to this it attenuates and prevents stretch marks on our skin.

Using it every day, melting it between your fingers before applying them, we create a layer that protects the skin from environmental aggressions such as pollution. Factors that we do not think about, but to which we are exposed daily.

In addition, you can use it for the skin, for the hair and even for the complexion or the contour of the eyes. These are our formats:

// Shea Butter 300 gr. For those who are already kariteadictos or always share it (you can also cut it into smaller pieces).

// Facial shea with bitter orange. Perfect to incorporate into our routine of night care thanks to the vitamin C of the orange tree. Apply it around the eyes, lips and most sensitive areas.

We are addicted to healthy skin

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