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The most natural fixer for your hairstyles

The most natural fixer for your hairstyles

Published : 12/12/2018 17:30:07
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Fish tail braid, relaxed tail, sleek hair, gathered with toupee, semi-collected, wet effect, bob with waves, waterfall braids. Have you already lost among so many names? Keep reading and discover what hairstyles you can get with the help of our Aloe Gel.


The holidays arrive. You have already thought about how to dress and you have been practicing for a while some hairstyles caught on youtube, but it is difficult for you to tie them up because, between turning and turning your head while saying "do not stop me now", the hairstyle has to put up.

The gel that one day you bought and now is forgotten on the shelf turns out to be the great finalist, but when you apply it notes that the finish is very rigid, unnatural and does not allow you to play with the hairstyle.

In addition, the next day you notice how the hair may have dried up, because the synthetic gum chemicals dehydrate the hair.


Do you know our Aloe Gel and Lavender?

It is a natural gel that we extract from the pulp of the aloe leaf, a difficult process that allows us to create a natural fixative gel. In addition to providing flexibility, it creates a layer that protects from harmful external factors and moisturizes the hair.


We know that this gel will not be forgotten on the shelf after the holidays, because you can use it on sensitive and irritated skin, for its regenerating, healing, toning and soothing properties.

And as it is for women as well as for men or children, it will end up being one of the products that you will all share at home.



The next day, your hairstyle will not be perfect but your hair will. And the scent of lavender essential oil will accompany you for hours.


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