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Untangling the summer

Untangling the summer

Published : 05/14/2019

It is the ideal product for the time of year that is approaching, when our hair is much more exposed to the sun, chlorine from the pool, sea salt and those collected with damp hair to avoid heat. The long manes, the curly hair and even the childish manes will stop suffering: it is the Deenredante-conditioner of Henna Morena.


To have a silky hair and easy to comb, it is important to have it well hydrated. So the first advice is the first cold pressed oil: applied once a week with dry hair, and letting it act for two hours, keep the moisture of the hair at bay, and the hairstyle will be much easier.

However, the Detangling gel will be your daily ally: that accomplice you need to keep the knots at bay and get a smooth brushing. Consume enriched formula, also takes care of your hair: orange, a Mediterranean fruit rich in vitamin C, returns the shine, eliminates toxins and acts as a conditioner providing luminosity.

This formula joins the Shea to nourish in depth and soften the rebellious hair. With a pleasant Mediterranean aroma, it contains extract of olive leaves and essential oils of orange peel.

When and how do I apply it?

1 // Simply, as a conditioner after the usual washing in your shower, and with your hair clean. You can rinse it with water afterwards if you prefer or let it dry without rinsing.

2 // If you practice any water sport, such as the pool, before putting on your cap you can apply the Detangling gel and prepare the hair to immerse it in chlorinated water to protect it.

3 // If you have very rusty hair or dyed with synthetic dyes apply it before going to the beach, you can leave it in the hair. When you are swimming in the ocean you can clear it in the shower on the beach or in the pool so as not to leave residues of any kind in the sea and alter the ecosystem.

2 // You can also apply it after the shower, the dip in the pool or in the sea. Rinse your hair with fresh water, and pour some Detangling gel into the palm of your hand, to apply it from stockings to ends. With your brush massage the scalp. In this way you will recover the softness of your mane in a natural way with an easy hairstyle.

This summer yes, goodbye to the knots 


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