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Why do natural dyes take better care of hair than synthetic ones?

Why do natural dyes take better care of hair than synthetic ones?

Published : 11/05/2018

No, you're not the only one who has doubts about the differences between a natural dye and a synthetic dye. Effectively, one and the other do not act in the same way on our hair. And the process is what punishes the hair. Keep reading and you will understand better.


How exactly the permanent dyes in our hair behave?

No more detours: the more than 5,000 chemical substances used in a permanent dye stain the hair by an oxidative reaction, reacting with hydrogen peroxide (the typical hydrogen peroxide), a powerful oxidant that decomposes very slowly in water and air, releasing a great amount of heat, and thus forming pigmented molecules that make our hair adopt the color you want.

The result is obviously the color, but also the deterioration of capillary structures and the generation of free radicals (hair aging).

And henna, how does it act?

Henna (Lawsona Inermis), however, dyes without agents or external additives. Its molecule, Lawsona, has a great affinity with the natural keratin present in the hair cuticle. When interacting with it, it reacts chemically and gives rise to the characteristic color of henna, the intense copper, without damaging or breaking the structure of the hair. In other words, henna respects our hair and adapts to our hair structure.

Henna also has other phytotherapeutic properties that go beyond a simple color change, such as its antioxidant and antimicrobial role. We propose to use henna and mix it with other plants, to enhance both the repairing benefits and to regulate the tone of the color (if we add Hibiscus, it will be a more intense tone, if we add black or indigo tea, it will go darker).



Observing around us, we understand that plants give us every day the opportunity to take care of ourselves, respecting our nature to the utmost.

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