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Why does hair fall more in autumn?

Why does hair fall more in autumn?

Published : 02/08/2020

It seems that now autumn has come to stay, a time when nature experiences visible changes, such as the fall of the leaves, but also in our hair. It is a time of absolute renewal.


Is it normal for my hair to fall out more in autumn?

Yes, Do not panic! It's totally normal because your scalp and hair have been exposed to the sun, salt, sand, pool chlorine, diet derangements or beers at the beach bar ... ok, try not to deviate with such perfect memories. As we said, your capillary structure has weakened during the summer months and now you must restart your life cycle.

 However, if the hair loss is excessively abundant or does not occur as a punctual during these months and is prolonged, we may be mistreating our hair with:

- Hairstyles that stretch your hair like ponytails or very tight braids.

- Stress or lack of energy, which makes it grow weaker.

- A poor diet in iron or zinc, two basic nutrients for our hair. Beet or seaweed can be an ideal food.

- The excessive use of synthetic dyes that weaken the hair.

- Environmental factors (in very extreme climates our hair also suffers). Activates blood circulation with nettle and thyme, ingredients of our shampoo Nettle and Thyme.

- Genetic factors that we can not change. We recommend our vegetable powder shampoo, perfect for this time of year and recover the strength of your mane.


These are just some of the routines that could affect hair loss, but as we are more of solutions than of problems, here we leave you our essentials to reduce the fall.

The best way to prevent any problem with our hair is to take care of it and pamper it with natural products that nourish it and allow it to grow with a strong and healthy root. Falling is normal, once you have exhausted your life cycle.

The important thing is that your scalp is prepared to allow new hair to sprout.

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