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Yes and always yes to curly hair

Yes and always yes to curly hair

Published : 03/07/2019

Curly hair has been going strong this year. And we like this. We like it because we see curly hair that wanted to be smooth, that we say goodbye to hair straightener and to aggressive treatments. We like it because it means that we accept ourselves more and more. That we started to be more free.



Do you have curly hair and want to learn how to take care of it? Here we are to accompany you. First, recovering the health of the hair, an essential previous step to make your hair shine again and the curl recovers its protagonism.


The weekly baths with Grape Pepper Oil and Petit Grain will help us little by little to strengthen our curly hair and scalp.

The oil acts on the inner part of our follicle and the citrus essence that the leaves of the bitter orange provide will balance the fat, recovering the shine and strength of the mane. Those curls need your dose of vitamins.


For our day to day we need a shampoo that gives us hydration, such as Henna, Honey and Orange Shampoo. Returns natural moisture to curly hair to define and take volume. The honey, in addition, will hydrate the hair in depth.


Finally, what can I do to maximize my curls? We recommend our Aloe fixer gel, 99% pure aloe. A texture that neither cakes nor leaves your hair rigid: your curls will continue to have life and will move to the rhythm of your steps. Did you know that aloe contains antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E? That's why our gel, beyond defining the curls, will also be taking care of your hair.



It's time for curly, free and healthy hair





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