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1. How many boxes do I need from Henna for an application?

If you have medium hair, you will have enough with one. If you have thicker hair or long hair, one and a half or two.

2. After doing a treatment, what do I do with the leftover Henna?

You can store it in an airtight container, but remember that after a few months it may no longer have its coloring effect.

3. If I am pregnant, can I use henna?

Yes, you can.

4. Can it be used on children?

S Yes, absolutely. In fact Henna is antiparasitic, so it is also highly recommended to fend off lice.

5. What is the difference between Neutral henna and Pure Henna?

Neutral henna (Cassia Obovata) doesn´t give color and pure henna (Lawsonia Inermis) does color hair.

6. Can Henna be used on dyed hair?

Yes, it can with the following nuances:

  • If the dye you used does not contain ammonia or oxidants, you can use henna without problems. Not only that, the henna, applied afterwards, produces a nice copper hue, in addition to taking care of the hair, giving it brightness and volume.
  • If the dye contained ammonia, you should wait at least two weeks since the last application to apply henna. Otherwise, the henna may not sufficiently pigment the hair and you won´t notice its color.
  • If the dye was bleaching and you lightened up the base tone (from brunette to blonde, for example), we advise you not to use henna immediately. Return to your natural color and apply henna on it.

7. What color will I have?

Henna produces the tone depending on the base we are working on. The color is coppery, and may be more intense or less, depending on the infusion of plants with which you prepare the henna. If you are brunette, don´t be afraid that you'll end up with a 70´s hippy style orange look: it´s okay, that won´t happen.

8. Does it cover gray hairs?

It tints them, creating highlights. We don´t advise the application of henna on hair with more than 60% gray hair.

9. Can henna dye the water in a swimming pool?

You can do all the long ones you wish without fear: you won´t dye the water.

10. Why do I need to put oil into the henna mixture?

Because the henna is astringent and the oil allows it to be kept well hydrated, facilitating the binding of the color in the hair. It uses first rate cold pressed cosmetic oils, such as those we offer in Henna Morena.

11. How much oil should I put into the henna preparation?

Approximately 3 tablespoons (like a shot, if you prefer).

12. Can I sleep with an oil mask on my head?

If you spend all night with the oil on your head, even better! This gives the hair more time to absorb it and repair its internal structure. A well-hydrated hair is healthy hair. Furthermore, it's best if you don´t expose yourself to the sun while you have oil in your hair.

13. Do you test with animals?

NO! We don´t test on animals, it goes against our philosophy and principles. And, furthermore, it's not legal.

14. Can the henna for the hair be used to do temporary tattoos on the skin?

Yes, there is only one henna!

15. What type of packaging do we use?

Our oils, shampoos, masks, gel and conditioner are packed in PET plastic. It is a recyclable plastic, weighing much less than glass, which decreases the energy expenditure in transport and in the material needed to protect it.

16. Is the hair henna used to make temporary tattoos on the skin?

Yes, there is only one henna!

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