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Oils: the revolutionary cosmetics we haven't invented yet

- 04/11/2019

Cleopatra already used it to care for her hair. And the Greeks and Romans had already discovered its regenerating, nourishing and antioxidant properties to keep skin and hair hydrated and healthy. We are talking about cold-pressed botanical oils, the oldest cosmetic treatments in existence. Do you know all their advantages?


They are healthy fats 

It is true that cosmetics are not eaten, but everything that is in contact with our skin and hair is important. 

Lipids or healthy fats are vehicles that carry vitamins E, D, A and K, and seal and repair the hair's natural lipid layer, creating a protective layer that allows moisture to be retained and prevents dehydration. 

They are useful for everything

Imagine you have to choose just one product for your weekend toiletry bag. It should definitely be a good oil. You can use it as a hair mask. You can apply it to your skin as a moisturising treatment.  You can use it as a make-up remover and nourishing night cream. And, of course, you can use it as an eye contour cream. Are you lacking reasons to take it with you?

Thy are oils, but they don't grease the hair 

Paradoxical though it may seem, oils are recommended even for oily hair. Why? Basically because they act as sebum regulators.

Our hair does not absorb the oil, but acts by repairing the damaged outer layer of the hair, strengthening it and restoring the lipid balance. If the hair is dry, it provides it with healthy fats. If the hair is greasy, it carries away the excess.

In addition, the oil acts by creating a thin barrier that acts between our hair and the outside, naturally creating a protective, anti-oxidant and hydric layer, with a high vitamin E content.


The botanical elixir

Henna Morena oils are extracted from plants, fruits, seeds or flowers and do not contain additives, preservatives or synthetic substances.

The extraction process is cold pressed to avoid altering its properties and it is in the first pressing that the oil is of the highest quality, light and creamy. To these oils (almond, grape seed or petit grain), we only add a selection of organic essential oils, which we combine according to the principles of aromatherapy.

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