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3 real cases. How your hair changes with the Henna Morena Method.

- 01/15/2024

Today we want to show you three cases of three women who have followed our Henna Morena Method. Women who have taken control of their hair, making a 180-degree turn in their hair care routines. Three empowered women who have fallen in love with their hair again.

We have conceived the Henna Morena Method as an initiation guide to natural cosmetics for women who don't know where to start or simply to establish a routine that prepares your hair in the best possible way to receive all the benefits of plants and achieve a spectacular coloration. It is a guide that you must adapt to your hair type, your care history, your habits, and what you want to achieve. Therefore, there is a Henna Morena Method for each of us, personal and non-transferable, which may not work the same for your sister or friend. We introduce you to three different women, with different hair needs and conditions, so you can learn from each of them, the products they use, and their routines


Aida had lost hope with her hair. After many years of chemical treatments, using hairdryers and straighteners, and straightening treatments, the appearance worsened. Her hair is very thick, difficult to comb, and the curls had lost their shape.

How long has she been using the method?: 2 months

Products: Juniper Shampoo Bar, for step 1 to reset, Orange and Sage Mask and Almond and Lavender Oil for step 2 Hydration, Cassia Obovata and Hair Loss Lotion F12 for step 3 Treatment, for step 4 Natural dyes Henna with Chamomile and, finally, Hydrating serum with Silicon and Jojoba for step 5 to Finish.

Result: Defined curls, hair with more shine and light, without frizz.