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Oils and mask during winter?

- 01/31/2019

It is cold. That's a fact. And the cold also affects our hair. This is also a fact. How do we protect it? The truth is that both oils and masks will help us protect our hair from external factors, but which one do we recommend more at this time of year?  

First we should understand what part of our hair and scalp each of these products works on, then we'll see which one we're sticking with today. Here we go.

Our beloved good fats (fatty acids) that oils provide, help us to strengthen, restore shine and restore oil balance in oily hair (explained here). 

When we soak our hair with oil, it is in the root or hair follicle where nutrients and vitamins will be deposited and act. These are responsible for the health and vitality of the hair.  

Masks, on the other hand, act on the scalp of the entire hair. A mask is an emulsion, i.e. it consists of a liquid and an oily part. The active ingredients in the liquid part act on the hair structure and the elements in the oil phase repair the lipid envelope of the hair.

So, in cold weather, a mask will indeed protect our hair more from damage due to the intense cold. Remember, however, that the oil will be responsible for restoring your hair to health. 

- Apply the oil bath once a week, or every two weeks, for at least 2 hours. 

- When you apply the mask in the shower, leave it on for 20 minutes for it to take effect. Only once a week. For the rest of the washes, apply conditioner.


Protect your hair as you protect your skin.


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