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Aloe Vera with Lavender for your curls

- 10/02/2015

Aloe Vera is one of those treasures that Nature gives us, also known as Barbados aloe, or Curaçao aloe. If you are curly, this is your go-to ingredient!

Aloe Vera is one of those treasures that nature gives us. Also known as aloe, sávila, Barbados aloe or Curaçao aloe, it is a cactus-like plant , which hides a juicy and gelatinous pulp.

From the pulp of the leaves a brilliant gel is extracted that has infinite cosmetic benefits, both for the skin and for the hair. It is very difficult to find it on the market in a 100% natural way, since the collection and conservation process is very complex due to its rapid oxidation, so we said... we can and will do it!

This is how the Aloe Vera Gel with Lavender scent is pure, natural, with regenerative, healing, toning and soothing properties. Ideal, therefore, to apply it now, after the summer and before autumn takes hold.

Its effect is fixative, it shapes the curls when wet and dry, it prevents frizz and has a super pleasant smell. We have true fans of this product, both men and women, because once you try it... you can't do without it anymore!

Among the hair benefits of Aloe Vera Gel with Lavender are the following:

- Prevention of hair aging, elasticity and prevents breakage. It acts as a 100% natural mask (like a hair leave-in)

- Avoids dandruff because it keeps the scalp well hydrated.

- Anti-frizz: more hydration, less frizz.

- Moisturizes dry hair. Its high proportion of water makes it possible to recover split ends and the dry appearance from mid-lengths to ends that many long hair have (especially in the case of curly long hair, with synthetic treatments or Californian wicks).

- It can also be applied to oily hair because it regulates sebum.

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