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Balance and revitalise your hair with our 15 Day Rituals

- 03/31/2022

The great thing about the new month is that it gives us the opportunity to reset the timer to zero to achieve everything we set out to do, including having the healthiest, most beautiful hair of our lives. So, if you're in the mood to head into spring with gorgeous hair, we're sharing two intensive 15-day rituals to treat two of the issues you've been asking us about the most.

If your hair is oily and you also have dry ends, we propose a 15-day treatment plan to balance it. If your hair is devitalised and weak, you notice that it lacks shine and elasticity, then we propose a 15-day ritual to revitalise it, also for 15 days.

You can easily follow both 15 Day Rituals at home. But don't worry if you don't make it in time: any time of the year is a good time to do them and, of course, to use the products we suggest to continue the treatment beyond the 15 Day Ritual.

15 Day Ritual “Balance your hair”

Whether due to genetics or certain imbalances in the body caused by hormonal changes, stress, alcohol and tobacco consumption or even the change of season, the scalp glands can produce excess oil. However, hair oil is beneficial because it keeps the skin protected. That's why it's important to find a balance, and to do so, we propose this 15-day ritual.

For who? Oily and unbalanced hair (oily roots, dry ends) 

Products you will need:

- Grapeseed and Petit Grain oil 

Cassia Obovata

- Rosemary and Sage (you will need 2 units)

- Hydrating serum with Silicon and Jojoba


To help you get organised, here is the order of application to follow for two weeks: 

1. On the first day, apply the hair scrub recipe below.

2. After two days, apply the oil all over your hair for at least two hours. After shampooing, apply the Rosemary and Sage infusion to damp, clean hair: you will need to prepare one sachet of infusion in 500ml of water. Repeat the same treatment after 7 days.

3. During the second week, apply Cassia Obovata, which you will need to prepare with one sachet of infusion in 500ml of water and the amount of oil indicated on the packet.

4. Apply the serum every day to the ends of your hair after brushing and when your hair is dry.

Hair exfoliating recipe:

As you can see, on Monday we suggest you start with a hair exfoliation that will help you to deeply cleanse and prepare your hair for the ritual. We suggest a simple homemade recipe:

Mix 3 parts of liquid shampoo (the one you usually use) with 2 parts of coarse sea salt. When you wash your hair, apply the mixture of both products to your scalp and work it in with your fingertips, massaging gently in circular motions. Then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water and finish with cold water to close the cuticle.

Ritual 15 “Revitalise your hair” 

Whether it's because we don't pay enough attention to it or because the pace of life we lead affects our hair, it can quickly become weak, devitalised and dull. In fact, this is one of the most common problems we encounter. The good news is that getting it back is as easy as dedicating a little time and pampering to it.¿Para quién? Cabello desvitalizado, sin brillo, sin elasticidad.

Products you will need:

- Almond and Lavender oil 

- Cassia Obovata

- Sage and Lavender oil

- Lavender and Orange Blossom infusion (you will need 2 units)


To help you get organised, we have organised the order in which you should apply for two weeks:

1. Wash your hair 3 times a week with the Sage and Lavender shampoo.

2. Twice a week, apply the oil all over your hair for at least two hours. After shampooing, apply the Lavender and Orange Blossom infusion to damp, clean hair: you will need to prepare one sachet of infusion in 500ml of water.

3. During the second week, apply Cassia Obovata with the ginger recipe below.

4. Perform daily scalp massages with a rounded bristle brush and a wooden brush to activate circulation.

Cassia Obovata with ginger recipe: 

As you may have seen, on Saturday you will have to apply the Cassia Obovata with ginger recipe. It is this: 

1. Prepare an infusion with 500ml of water and grated ginger (a piece of about 2cm). Boil for 5 minutes and set aside until lukewarm.

2. Put the contents of a packet of Cassia Obovata in a bowl and add the strained infusion, stirring until it has the texture of chocolate in a cup. If you have leftover mixture, you can freeze it in an airtight container for up to 1 month. Add 3 to 5 tablespoons of Almond and Lavender oil to the mixture.

4. Apply the mixture from roots to ends and leave it on for an hour. Afterwards, wash your hair as usual.

And what happens after completing the 15-day ritual? The care doesn't stop there. To maintain the good condition of the hair you've achieved, we recommend that you continue with the treatments. You can apply the oil every week, the Cassia Obovata once a month (or every 15 days if your hair needs a more intensive treatment until it recovers), the shampoos in the daily wash...

Are you up for it? If you follow any of the rituals we invite you to share with us and the community the before and after on Instagram.