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Benefits of vegetable coloring

- 04/20/2021

Have you ever considered that a dye can give hair health? Well yes, it is possible. Vegetable coloring, made with plants, is a food for the hair, it provides many nutrients and minerals that give us health as well as color. To find out everything he does for us, keep reading:

1. Vegetable coloring dyes without undergoing an oxidative process and, therefore, without damaging the hair. Plants dye by deposit, this means that they adhere to the keratin of the hair without breaking it.

2. It reinforces the capillary structure, so we will have stronger hair.

3. Helps treat damaged hair. By repairing the cuticle, it counteracts damage caused by the sun, pollution, bleaching or peroxide. Remember: it is always necessary to prepare the vegetable coloring poultice with water or infusion and with first cold-pressed oil. The oil will be ESSENTIAL in case you have damaged hair. If you want to see how to prepare click here.

4. It provides mineral salts such as iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper or magnesium, all of them of great importance for the health of the hair and scalp.

5. It has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Balances the Ph of the scalp so it prevents dandruff and hair loss.

6. Provides more volume. By sealing the hair cuticle, it prevents dehydration of the hair so that the hair obtains more firmness and as a result we obtain a thicker and more voluminous mane.

7. Repairs the hair cuticle, a factor that makes light reflect more, giving hair much more shine.

8. Defines the curl. By repairing the hair cuticle, the curl acquires body and definition. Highly recommended for all types of hair curly but especially for those hair with damaged structure. (The preparation with oil here will also be essential).

9. It works as a 100% natural conditioner, for the hair, so the hair untangles more easily.

Which plants are responsible for dyeing hair naturally?

At Henna Morena we work with different combinations of plants that give us color that provide many properties in addition to improving the condition of the hair in all aspects. Some of them are:

- Henna: provides shine, strength, prevents hair loss, repairs the hair fiber, is a natural conditioner, balances the Ph of the scalp and also acts as an anti-dandruff. Like Henna there is none ♡

- Indigo: protects the hair cuticle, strengthens the hair as well as providing shine and softness.

- Walnut: enhances shine and tone in brown hair and stimulates hair growth.

- Chamomile:  protects hair from external aggressions, adds shine, is anti-dandruff and soothes itchy scalp.

- Cassia Obovata: gives a lot of shine, balances the Ph of the scalp, is anti-dandruff and strengthens the hair fiber.

We can enhance the properties of vegetable coloring by preparing it with our hair infusions. If we add a warm infusion to our poultice we will create a synergy with the active ingredients of the plants.

Vegetable coloring is like pottage for hair. Now you know that in addition to the color you will get many benefits for your hair. Plus, the more you color, the stronger and healthier your hair will be.

If you haven't tried vegetable dyes yet, we encourage you to do so and join the new color trend.

If you have dyed yourself with plants before, share your opinion with us and tell us about the benefits you have noticed on your hair. We like to hear and read your testimonials.

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