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Switching to natural cosmetics, a change from the inside out

- 04/04/2013

The change has already begun. It is silent but resounding, there is no turning back.

For years we have consumed products without considering what we needed: buying was a social, status option. Products were sold to us and we bought them. We lived in a mere economic transaction. The world has changed because we have realised that we want to decide.  

We are no longer mere spectators but we demand as consumers that they respect the planet, that they respect our intelligence, that they respect our decisions, that they respect our conscience. That they respect us.

Cosmetics is also part of this change: it can be produced in a more sustainable way, with local ingredients from the Mediterranean, revaluing beauty rituals based on time and enjoyment, and adapting them to our times. Cosmetics, especially natural cosmetics, should not transform you into someone you are not, but should bring out the best in you, make you feel good, powerful, empowered, confident.

For Henna Morena the values on which to grow are very clear: respect and honesty. Towards yourself, but also towards nature. It is not a trend, it is a necessary commitment to make the world work differently, with cosmetics that make you beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. 

From now on, choose products that provide solutions to your hair and scalp problems, but also products that are as unprocessed as possible, like in the kitchen, straight from nature. That's the best way to nourish your hair and scalp.

We are no longer mere spectators, but we demand as. Welcome to the world of natural cosmetics. Your change has already begun, because you have chosen products that do not make you a slave to the hairdresser, but are 100% natural plants that give you the freedom you were looking for.

Will you join us on this adventure?

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