We are nature
  • From woman to woman

    We have been sharing our knowledge about our understanding of beauty with other women for 10 years, 10 years of awareness.

  • What plants can do for you after the summer

    September, the month of new beginnings, new purposes and challenges, but also of saying goodbye to the zen mode of the holidays. We know it's difficult, today we'll talk about plants to recover the ha

  • Green habits

    We want to foster respect for each other and for the Earth we live in.

  • Did you know that your orders help us plant trees?

    At Henna Morena we donate part of the profits from each order to plant trees and thus reforest the planet and slow down climate change.

  • Vegetable coloring: the healthy alternative when you are pregnant

    Many women are looking for a natural alternative to safely dye their hair during pregnancy. It is an important moment in which many of them discover vegetable coloring.

  • Taking care of your hair without harming the sea

    In recent months it seems that we have learned to become aware of our personal care. We have learned to eat better, to cook, to take care of our hair, to sleep better...

  • For a greener planet

    Thanks to your orders at Green Days, we have planted 150 trees.

  • Green Days: our responsible purchasing proposal

    Yes, after many of you have asked us in the last few days, and coinciding with the madness of discounts that all the brands do for these dates, we have created the Green Days.

  • Henna Morena's soul

    Do you know how Henna Morena was born? Do you want to know more about who is behind this project? Cuerpo Mente magazine dedicated a beautiful article to us that we share with you today.

  • Lavender, you give us so much

    The scent of lavender inspires us: it reminds us of the bouquets we used to prepare in our childhood summers and also of the smell of clean sheets.

  • A further step towards sustainability

    We are launching a campaign in our Barcelona showroom to collect empty PET containers from our products. The aim: to take responsibility for recycling and to raise awareness of...

  • We are nature

    We breathe, we feed, we live thanks to nature. At Henna Morena we are nature because we believe in phytotherapy and in the ability of plants to give health and beauty to our hair.