Curly Girls
  • Team curly vs. team straight

    We talk about the characteristics of each hair and the routines, products and tips that will help you get the most out of your hair.

  • Hair frizz, why does it happen?

    Did you know that there is an explanation for frizzy hair? We explain the treatments, products and ingredients to keep it at bay.

  • Curly method? Yes, with Henna Morena products

    Did you know that all Henna Morena products can be used to follow the curly method?

  • Love au naturel by Anna Dassy

    Anna Ruiz (@menta_ycanela) tells us what the hair coaching process meant to her, a path of awareness, acceptance and self-love. We hope you enjoy her testimony as much as we do.

  • How to wash curly hair

    When you start taking care of your curls, washing is probably one of the parts of your curly routine where you have the most doubts. We explain how and what to wash it with.

  • We Love Curly Hair. Our natural routine for curly hair.

    At Henna Morena we love curls. It is the reflection of naturalness, freedom and character. We explain how to care for them, define ourselves and respect them with plants.

  • Curly special: learn to listen to your hair

    Curls are finally in style. It is a way to respect the nature of the hair and to respect yourself. The time has come to get to know your hair better and give it what it needs.

  • Yes and always yes to curly hair

    Do you have curly hair? Do you find it hard to connect with it and have you spent your life straightening it to prevent undefined curls, frizz and dullness? Start loving him.