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Do You Know How to Wash Your Hair Properly at Every Stage of Your Life?

- 06/28/2024

Hair care must evolve throughout life, influenced by hormonal, environmental, and lifestyle changes. Here are some essential recommendations for washing your hair at each stage of your life.

We have already talked to you several times about the "ABC" of effective and gentle hair washing. Preferably use lukewarm water (because too hot water causes dryness), always finish the wash with a quality moisturizing product like a conditioner or a mask, remove moisture with a towel, and avoid dryers and flat irons as much as possible. Once we have internalized these habits, we will open a new topic: should we always wash our hair the same way throughout life? The answer is no. And we are going to explain why.


In the first stage of life, during childhood, the scalp is especially sensitive. It is crucial to be aware of the products we use to wash the hair of babies and children as they are more susceptible to the adverse effects of cosmetics that are not suitable for their age.

Washing frequency: 2-3 times a week.

Recommended products: Mild, sulfate-free shampoos that are as non-irritating as possible. For children over 3 years old, the Honey and Orange Shampoo is ideal, very nourishing thanks to its content of organic Argan, Jojoba, and Coconut oils, antioxidant ingredients that provide vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help to strengthen, hydrate, and promote growth.

Tips: Avoid using strong cosmetic products.


At this stage, our scalp becomes oilier and we must take into account some peculiarities that will mark the state of our hair during these years.

Washing frequency: Depending on the physical activity performed, it is advisable to wash the hair every other day or every two days. Even if no sports are performed, it is also recommended to maintain this washing frequency, as this is the stage with the highest oil production.

Recommended products: The best shampoos for this time are those that help us control excess sebum and scalp flaking. We recommend the Grapefruit Solid Shampoo, which helps strengthen hair follicles and blood circulation, promoting the regulation of scalp oil. During these years, dandruff is also very common. For these cases, the Juniper Tar Solid Shampoo is ideal, as the Juniper Cade oil prevents dryness, flaking, and scalp itching. Another good option is the Olive, Nettle, and Thyme Shampoo which, in addition to preventing hair loss, avoids dandruff.

Tips: After washing, a conditioner like the Orange and Shea Conditioner or a mask like the Sage and Orange Mask is essential to maintain the necessary hydration for any type of hair. It is essential to always perform a thorough rinse after application to prevent residues and further greasing of the hair. Other leave-in products like the Silicon and Jojoba Serum can be used but always apply from mid-length to ends, never on the scalp.


At this stage of life, we are more aware of how our hair is and what we like and dislike. The washing routine and chosen products will vary depending on our lifestyle and hair type.

Washing frequency: 2-3 times a week, although this frequency will vary according to the hair type and physical activity performed. Always, fine and oily hair will need more frequent washes than less prone to dirt.

Recommended products: It is important to know how our hair is and to give it all the care it needs. The choice of products changes depending on our hair type. For example, for fine and volume-less hair, the Sage and Lavender Shampoo is recommended, which reinforces hair growth, promoting volume; for curly hair, the Honey and Orange or the Solid Cocoa and Shea; for oily hair, the Solid Grapefruit; and for thick hair, the Green Tea Shampoo.

Tips: Hydrating treatments like Hair Oils, Serums, or Powder Treatments will always be a plus for maintaining youthful and healthy hair.