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Do you use synthetic dyes? These are the treatments your hair needs

- 05/28/2024

If you use synthetic dyes but want to care for and pamper your hair, if this is your case, keep reading because in this article, we tell you everything we can do for your hair.

One of the main problems with using synthetic products over the years, along with the toxins and dirt our hair accumulates, is that they suffocate and weaken it. What happens when we dye our hair with synthetic dyes, overuse the straightener, or subject our hair to "miraculous" straightening treatments? All these treatments modify the structure of the hair: they open and deteriorate the outer cuticle, its natural protective barrier, making it excessively porous and vulnerable to external damage, thus making it more sensitive to any aggression. Therefore, if you continue to use synthetic dyes, it is very important to have a good hydration routine to minimize the damage these products cause to our hair.

Henna Morena is not just about vegetable dyes; that’s why we have thought of several ideal treatments for you, whether to carry out a hair detox, provide an intensive hydration boost, or define your hairstyle. Let's get started!


From time to time, you should perform a deep cleansing with quality soaps containing sulfates that remove harmful substances from the hair and with an alkaline pH that opens the cuticle, making it receptive to subsequent treatments with plants. You can achieve this with our Solid Shampoos, choose yours according to your hair type. If your hair is oily, use the Grapefruit one, if you wash your hair frequently, use the Green Tea one, ideal for athletes, and if you have a sensitive scalp and want to combat dandruff, use the Juniper Tar one. The Coconut Solid Shampoo is ideal for dry or damaged hair, and the Cocoa and Shea one for curly, damaged, or dyed hair.

For at least a month, wash your hair with a Solid Shampoo; after this period, you can switch to a Liquid Shampoo for frequent use, and leave the Solid one for occasional use. We recommend performing this hair detox at least a couple of times a year.


Synthetic dyes punish and weaken the outer cuticle of the hair, so we need to reinforce basic hydration with intensive hydration from within the hair. The basic products you will need are a Conditioner, a Mask, a Hair Oil and/or Shea Butter, and Serums.

We start with the conditioner: after each wash, it is vital and non-negotiable that you use the Orange and Shea Conditioner or the Solid Coconut Conditioner if you prefer the solid format. Using it will help close the cuticle and maintain hair hydration. Once a week, replace the conditioner with a mask; apply it to damp hair and leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse the hair thoroughly with water.

Your hair may need an extra level of hydration, so we advise you to do a Hair Oil mask once a week. Apply it to dry hair from the scalp to the ends and leave it on for 2 hours. This will help repair the cuticle and prevent dehydration caused by synthetic products. We recommend the Grape Seed and Petit Grain Oil, ideal for restoring softness and shine to damaged hair.

After applying the dye, the next day, we recommend using Shea Butter as it has great moisturizing and repairing power that will help provide the hydration your hair needs. To do this, melt a piece in a double boiler until you get an oil texture, mix it with a hair oil in a bowl, and apply it to dry hair from roots to ends. Leave it on for at least 2 hours and wash your hair thoroughly with water.

Lastly, if your hair is very damaged by synthetic dyes, we recommend using the Night Regenerating Serum for three nights a week. It is a concentrate of several regenerating oils with high antioxidant and anti-aging power. Apply it from mid-length to ends, leave it on all night, and wash your hair in the morning to remove any residue that hasn't been absorbed. Once you notice that your hair has improved, you can reduce its use to once or twice a week. Another serum that will become essential in your hair care routine once you try it is the Silicon and Jojoba Hydrating Serum. It is a concentrated conditioner that protects against external aggressions. Apply a small amount from mid-length to ends, on dry or wet hair, and you can use it daily or as often as you like.