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The most natural hairspray for your hairstyles

- 12/12/2018

Fishtail braid, relaxed ponytail, sleek hair, updo with toupee, half updo, wet look, bob with waves, waterfall braids Are you already lost among all these names? Read on and find out which hairstyles you can create with the help of our Aloe Vera Gel with Xanthan Gum.


The festive season is upon us. You've already thought about how to dress and you've been practising for a while some hairstyles taken from youtube, but it's difficult to fix them because, between turns of the head, while "don't stop me now" is playing, the hairstyle has to hold. 

The hairspray that you bought one day and is now forgotten on the shelf turns out to be the great finalist, but when you apply it you notice that the finish is very rigid, unnatural and doesn't allow you to play with the hairstyle. 

Also, the next day you notice that your hair may have dried out, because the chemicals in synthetic hair gels dehydrate your hair.


The advantages of our natural fixing gel

Our Aloe Vera Gel with Xanthan Gum is a natural hair gel made with natural active ingredients, as we extract it from the pulp of the aloe leaf and combine it with Xanthan Gum. In addition to being a strong hold gel, it also protects the hair from external aggressions and helps to retain the hair's natural water, providing hydration and nourishment.

Xanthan Gum, a naturally occurring ingredient, provides a long-lasting, mouldable, gummy and non-caking hairstyle. 

It also contains Vitamin E, which helps reduce the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that cause the breakdown of hair follicle cells on the scalp. It repairs dry, split ends, preventing hair breakage, and gives hair more shine and a silky feel. 

The best part? To remove the gum effect, just comb or brush through your hair with your comb or brush, and you'll see how your hair is soft and loose again, not frizzy at all. Wonderful!

¿Para quién es? 

Recommended for everyone at home, whether you have straight or curly hair. Also for men and children who want a gel effect without weighing it down.

The next day, your hair will be healthy and perfect. And the vanilla scent will stay with you for hours.

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