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Foolproof Plan for Shiny Hair (Despite the Sun)

- 06/04/2024

We know that in summer our hair suffers due to the sun and ages: dryness, heat, temperature changes, sweat... While the skin has its defense mechanisms, hair does not. However, this year, we have a plan. THE PLAN. A proposal that is based on thinking about it from now, today, without excuses. Follow this plan and you will end the summer with the most beautiful and shiny hair ever. Let's get to it.

First, let's get informed. Why does hair age in summer? Unlike skin, hair does not have its own defense mechanisms against solar radiation. The sun has a bleaching effect on the hair shaft due to the harmful action of ultraviolet (UV) rays, mainly due to their free radical generating action, which modifies natural or artificial pigments.

For this reason, regardless of essential products, you must keep in mind that protecting your hair is already part of this plan: a good hat or a scarf are healthy routines you can start practicing now.

The steps of the plan: Prepare, Protect, and Recover.


Let's start with the basics: prepare your hair before exposing it to long hours under the sun.

- Do not start the summer without deeply hydrating your hair. Once a week, give yourself an oil bath, a vitamin-rich treatment that provides healthy fats for good hair health, keeping it strong, shiny, and elastic. Soak your entire mane with the oil and let it act for at least 2 hours or even overnight. Then wash it; you will notice much more hydrated and shiny hair.

- We have the perfect natural beauty treatment to strengthen hair and add shine and volume, ideal for preparing it before summer: Cassia Obovata. It has a structure similar to keratin, used to strengthen hair, and is an excellent natural hair conditioner. For its preparation, you will need a bowl of hot water or a plant infusion. Add the water and mix until you get a hot chocolate-like texture. Incorporate 4 tablespoons of one of our first cold-pressed oils (choose the one that best suits your hair type) or a piece of Shea Butter melted in a bain-marie. Apply the mixture from roots to ends and leave it on for 60 minutes. You can do this treatment once a month; we recommend its application right before summer to start the season with a good base.


- Use straw hats; in addition to taking care of our scalp, they will also protect the facial skin. Another option is to opt for scarves, which are very trendy this season. They are undoubtedly the best sun protectors.

- When you go to the beach and expose yourself to the sun, if you wet your hair in the sea, always try to rinse it with fresh water, as saltwater for hours causes hair aging.

- At the time of washing, you must emphasize providing hydration and nutrients to counteract the effects the sun has had on your hair throughout the day. After a day of sun exposure, wash your hair with a very nourishing shampoo like Honey and Orange, followed by a repairing mask of Sage and Orange, or a conditioner like Orange and Shea.