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Frizzy hair? Get rid of frizz in 3 stepsDo you have frizzy hair? If your hair co

- 08/17/2022

Have you ever experienced an idyllic sunset in front of the sea and, while taking a selfie, realised that your hair looked like a lioness? If your hair could talk, it would tell you that it's dehydrated and frizz is the tell-tale sign.

Hair becomes dehydrated because the hair fibre dries out, the cuticle becomes more fragile and loses its moisture. As a result, the hair absorbs moisture from the environment, causing the frizz effect. Extreme temperature changes, exposure to the sun, wind, air conditioning, chlorine, salt, synthetic dyes, straightening, excessive use of the hairdryer... are all external agents that cause the hair to become damaged and the outer part of the hair fibre to break, losing its moisture.


Differences in frizz

Not all hair is the same, the condition of the hair fibre changes from one type of hair to another. Straight hair tends to have a more closed cuticle, but if it is damaged, the cuticle opens and the hair becomes dehydrated and frizzes more easily, resulting in drier hair.

Curly hair is the most frizzy hair due to its structure: the very shape of the curl makes the cuticle open and break more easily. A curly mane needs even more moisture to keep frizz at bay.

How to reduce frri?

It is essential to use quality products that seal the hair cuticle and prevent dehydration. To do this, it is necessary to maintain a weekly hair care routine that provides health to our hair.


1. A good start: choose the correct shampoo

Shampoo is the first step in the care of our hair, it is important to choose the right shampoo to keep it healthy. An excessively aggressive shampoo, with silicones or synthetic sulphates, washes away the hair's natural oils, leaving the hair cuticle unprotected and making our hair dry out more easily, as well as leaving it more exposed to external aggressions. The key lies in choosing the right shampoo and knowing how to apply it. One of the most recommended shampoos is our Sage with Lavender Shampoo, for all hair types, it cleanses gently, providing shine and strength to the hair. With this shampoo you will have silky hair that is easy to comb. When applying it do not rub the hair because the capillary fibre can break, take the opportunity to massage the scalp and then let the foam fall gently through the rest of the hair.

2. Post-shampoo moisturising: your great allies Conditioner and Mask

Conditioner and mask are the two basic products that complete the washing routine regardless of your hair type and needs, whether your hair is well hydrated or super dry. When hair is well hydrated, it retains its own moisture better, keeps the hair cuticle tightly closed and absorbs less moisture from the outside = less frizz. Every time you wash your hair, you should apply Orange an Shea Conditioner, which contains super-nourishing ingredients and is suitable for all hair types. Tip: If you have wavy or curly hair and want to define your waves and control frizz, don't rinse out the conditioner, leave it on as a leave-in.


Once a week, replace the conditioner with the Henna and Shea Mask, which contains exquisite ingredients for our hair and repairs damaged hair and eliminates frizz. Made with Neutral Henna (non-dyeing), Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado, Honey and Grape, this mask repairs damaged hair and protects the hair cuticle by strengthening it.

3. Hair oils: liquid gold

The masks or baths with first cold-pressed oil act as an ultra-moisturising balm for our hair. Once a week do a hair mask with one of our Hair Oils. If you have a lot of frizz, you will love Grape Seed and Petit Grain Oil, with its high vitamin and Omega 6 content, it repairs the hair by penetrating into the hair cuticle.

How do you apply it? Watch this video tutorial.


Final touch for a hair of 10

The Hydrating serum with Silicon and Jojoba protects the keratin of the hair providing elasticity, shine and softness. With rich ingredients such as silicon, shea butter and jojoba oil, it will be the ideal complement to eliminate frizz wherever you are.

You can fight frizz if you know why it's happening. The solution is easy, you just need to understand your hair. Establish a connection with it and you'll know what it needs at any given moment.

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