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Green habits

- 05/11/2022

At Henna Morena, we want to foster respect for ourselves and for the Earth we live on.

Our creation and production processes have been designed to respect the world around us: we defend artisan processes, we produce locally to avoid unnecessary transport, we plant trees with your orders, we promote sustainability projects and we offer workshops that empower women and make them freer.

With your orders you help us plant trees

In 2019 we started a campaign aimed at the reforestation of trees which we called Green Days. That same year we decided that this action had to stay forever in Henna Morena. Since then, we allocate part of each order to reforestation projects around the world. Why do we do it? If reforestation is done correctly, it contributes to improving the environment and counteracting the consequences of climate change.

Women's company

Our company is created by and for women. Because we believe in a female business model.

Reduced productions and at the rhythm of nature

We are in favor of packaging in small quantities. We do not want to have stock of plants for a long time, because the benefits of fresh plants would disappear. We want to always offer you a high-quality product, freshly crushed, so that you have the guarantee of always buying plants from the crop of the year.

Social awareness

We work with the Ragussi Association, in Burkina Faso, where more than 1,200 women work making shea butter by hand. Shea allows them to be economically independent and the project helps them feel part of a community, which implies an improvement in self-esteem and self-confidence.

Production and packaging in Spain

All our products are packaged in Spain and most of them are produced locally. This allows us to better control the quality of each product, as well as being a commitment to local development. Frequently this commitment to proximity has an impact on higher costs for Henna Morena, but we believe it is worth it.

Recyclable or compostable packaging

Our awareness also extends to the materials we use to package our products. The material we use is recyclable and, in some cases, compostable. 

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