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Hair frizz, why does it happen?

- 02/14/2023

Did you know that there is an explanation for hair frizz? Indeed, there are a number of treatments and products with specific ingredients and properties that you can use to keep it at bay. Let’s talk about everything you need to know to say bye to frizz.

No - frizzy hair does not just happen, nor is it a condition against which nothing can be done. Hair frizz is caused by a lack of moisture. As a consequence, the hair’s cuticle has a tendency to open up, then the humidity penetrates and the hair strands dilate. Next is history: the hair looks dry, dull and frizzy, instead of smooth and defined. Typically, wavy and curly hair suffers the most, although straight hair can also experience frizz.

You've probably noticed that on rainy and more humid days, as well as in tropical and beachy areas, your hair gets even more frizzy. Or, if you never get frizz, you notice it on these days. This happens because this type of weather weakens the hair and causes a more erratic texture, even in hair with a tighter cuticle.

Don't forget that frequent and excessive use of straighteners and blow-dryers also leads to a loss of natural moisture. The more damaged the hair is, the less moisture it has, the weaker the cuticle is and the worse the hair looks.

How to reduce frizz 


A good shampoo, conditioner and moisturising mask should be part of your cleansing routine. These 3 steps alone will make (almost) all the difference to your hair. We recommend to start with the Honey Orange liquid shampoo. Follow with the Orange and Shea Liquid Conditioner, which you’ll want to apply every time you wash your hair. And finally, the Sage and Orange mask or Henna and Shea mask, applied once or twice a week. If you need to repair your hair intensively, you can apply the Night Regenerating Serum every two or three days. Leave it on overnight, and in the morning, wash your hair as usual.


The lack of shine and smoothness and an erratic texture make frizzy hair look unattractive. To improve the result, use finishing products that seal the ends and create a protective layer that protects the hair from the outside. If those finishing products also provide extra moisture and nourishment, even better. If you have curly hair, go for the Aloe Vera Gel, and if your hair is wavy use the Silicon and Jojoba Serum. However, both products are suitable for all hair types.


Frizzy hair needs an extra dose of moisture which is easy to achieve with hair masks at home. Once a week, take an “oil bath” (our inspiring way of referring to oil hair masks) as an intensive treatment with our hair oils. If you have thick, dry hair, you can do it with one of our Almond Oils, and if your hair is very dehydrated or damaged by synthetic products, with Grape Seed Oil and Petit Grain.


A great ally against frizz will be the silk pillowcase; these prevent breakage of the hair fiber during the night. Silk is an anti-frizz material that preserves the natural oils of the hair, promoting proper hydration.

Give your hair that much-needed extra moisture and watch the frizz gradually reduce.

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