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Hair mask, which one does my hair need?

- 07/14/2022

Will any mask work for my hair? What do I have to take into account when choosing one? We resolve the main differences between our two masks so you can choose the right one.

We always talk about oils as our benchmark for hydration. Yes, that's right, they are our weakness. They provide us with fatty matter that repairs the hair cuticle and prevents dehydration, so its application (always on dry hair) works as a long-term treatment. The oils, however, need time to take effect and in summer you don't always find the time.

The masks, however, are products with effects much more immediate. They are applied to wet and clean hair, they provide extra hydration to the hair, and leave it soft and silky. They are easy and quick to apply, and are part of our hair routine.

With continued use, hair masks will help you restore shine and keep it protected against dehydration, synthetic dyes or chlorine.

But do they all work well for your hair type? The answer is no. Let's have a look at the main differences between our two masks, the Henna and Shea Mask and the Sage and Orange Mask.

Hair type

- The Sage and Orange Mask is suitable for all types of hair, especially if it is normal to fine. Its formula is so light that it does not weigh it down or affect the volume of the hair.

- The Henna and Shea Mask is for very dry hair, curly hair or grey hair.

If you hair is greasy, choose instead the Orange and Shea conditioner.

Need for hair

- The Sage and Orange Mask hydrates and restores shine and softness.

- The Henna and Karité Mask is an extra-repairing treatment with an immediate effect.

Active ingredients

- The Sage and Orange Mask provides Vitamin E, Sage Extract, Shea Butter, sweet orange essential oil. A wonderful cocktail to repair dry and devitalized hair.

- The Henna and Shea Mask provides Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil and Henna Extract, for extra hydration and nutrition.

You will also like to know that it does not contain silicones or sulfates, and that both are applied in the last step in the shower. You can apply it all over your hair or from the middle to the ends and then rinse it off. Remember that the longer you have it applied, the more moisturizing and nourishing properties you will obtain.

Include a mask in your hair routine and transform your hair!

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