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Hair oil and Night Regenerating Serum, when to use each one?

- 09/06/2023

Both products are formulated from first cold-pressed botanical oils, and their mission is to repair hair from the inside out, but they have important differences. Keep on reading to find out which one is for you.

First, this is what you need to know

The Night Regenerating Serum is an intensive treatment, formulated from the concentrate of several oils (in other words, a super nourishing cocktail) designed for intensive and immediate repair. Our hair oils, on the other hand, are a basic treatment to be used regularly and constantly over time, whether your hair is healthy or damaged.

The Serum is used 2-3 times a week for a limited period of time: as long as your hair needs to recover. Normally 2-3 months. However, our hair oils are used between once a week and twice a month indefinitely. Think of them as a basic maintenance routine.

The timing and time of application is also different. The Serum is applied at night because the time of greatest cell regeneration happens at night. It must be left to act for about 8 hours for it to take effect. The hair oils can be applied at any time of the day, and for 2 hours (although if you want, you can even leave it on all night).

The application method: both on dry hair, but: the Serum is applied from the middle to the ends, and the oils from the roots to the ends. Remember that you can NOT get sun while you leave them on (otherwise, your hair can be burned as the oils are photosensitive).

Last but not least: hair oils are also used to prepare hair dyes and plant-based treatments, the serum is NOT for this purpose.

Guide to choose

VERY DAMAGED HAIR -> Start with the Serum and when your is repaired, switch to the oils.

HEALTHY HAIR -> use one of our oils. 

DRY AND FRIZZY HAIR, BUT HEALTHY -> use one of our oils regularly, and add the Serum from time to time for an extra hydration.  

Click here to check our guide to choose the oil.

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