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Henna against hair loss

- 10/08/2013

We usually lose between 100 and 200 hairs a day. In summer, the Sun is stronger and the hair tends to thicken to gain density and thus protect our heads. In the fall, the hair loses quality and a stage conducive to hair loss arrives: this is when it falls out. Solutions? Yes, it's Henna.

There are several factors that explain hair loss: stress, diet, genetics, hormonal problems, Covid-19, pollution, summer excesses... Then we have the temporary or seasonal hair loss, which is a temporary renewal of hair and usually occurs between June and November and lasts about 2 or 3 months. If the hair loss lasts longer and occurs outside of the hair loss months, then you should see a specialist.

If under normal conditions we have about 100,000 hairs on our head, you will see that 100 or 200 per day is not an alarm. The problem comes when no new hairs are born or when hair growth stagnates. Sometimes the reasons are useful to understand where the problem comes from, but what we need is to find solutions.

Is there a natural treatment to prevent hair loss?

Yes, these two plants: Henna (or Lawsonia Inermis) and Cassia Obovata (or neutral Henna). Both strengthen the hair thanks to their mineral and vitamin content, as well as slowing down hair loss and providing shine and softness. Cassia Obovata, in fact, has a structure very similar to keratin, a protein that is part of nails, hair and skin, and restores health to damaged hair.

What is the difference between these two plants? Henna gives the hair a coppery tone, i.e. it tints, while Cassia Obovata does not.

Which one to choose? It depends on whether you want to dye your hair or not. If you choose to dye your hair with Henna, we recommend the Henna with Thyme and Nettle infusion, which gives a coppery tone and is special for preventing hair loss. 


How often should I apply Cassia Obovata or Henna?

Our recommendation is once a month or every fortnight. But as with everything, the barometer should be you. When you start caring for your hair with plants, it is your own hair that tells you when it is time to reapply.  

What else can you do to stop hair loss?

On the one hand, we recommend treatment withHair Loss Lotion F12, a natural concentrate that combats hair loss, stimulates growth and improves hair anchorage.

At the same time, it is important that you massage your scalp daily with a natural bristle brush. It will reactivate the blood supply and improve the overall health of the hair. This is what our grandmothers, the great sages of traditional beauty, used to say: every night, massage with your fingers and brush your hair before going to bed.

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