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How to gain volume in fine hair

- 07/07/2022

If your hair is fine and you notice a lack of volume and brittleness, there are 5 things you should know to be able to take care of it and improve it from now on.

Be careful with styling and finishing products

Abusing lacquers, mousses and others to give shape and volume to hair can be counterproductive. Overloading your hair this way makes it heavier and not fuller. Remember: not all you need to give hair beauty are products, there are also other ways to improve volume as we will tell you later.

Follow the proper hair routine

Sometimes we don't use the right products for our hair type because we don't know exactly what it needs. One of the great enemies are silicones, which in fine hair add weight and weigh it down. If you follow a good hair routine with products formulated with natural ingredients like ours, which provide nutrients to the hair and treat it little by little with each wash, you will be able to improve volume and hardly need finishing products. We recommend the Sage and Lavender shampoo to add volume; and the Nettle and Thyme Shampoo if you also have it very fragile and with a tendency to fall.

Make Cassia Obovata your new ally

Cassia Obovata is a plant with very interesting properties for fine hair: applied as a poultice and leaving it on our hair for an hour, it helps to strengthen hair, stop hair loss, provide volume , in addition to providing a spectacular shine. The Cassia Obovata is a whole in an essential one at least 4 times a year. Plus, it's a powder treatment that you can easily do at home.

Stimulate your scalp

Massaging with your hands, for example, while you shampoo in the shower or while you apply F12 Hair-loss Lotion, which will strengthen your hair and stimulate the growth of new ones hair, will help you stimulate blood circulation by improving the supply of oxygen and the absorption of nutrients that will strengthen the hair root. Similarly, daily brushing with any of our brushes will also will achieve that stimulation.

Incorporates natural oils as an extra treatment

We never tire of repeating it: oil baths are wonderful. Start by doing one treatment a week. We recommend Almond Oil with Myrrh, which is a scalp tonic that helps fragile, brittle hair grow stronger. If it is thin and rather dry, then choose the Almond Oil with Lavender: deeply hydrates, provides shine and vitamins A, B and E, and Omega 9. In a matter of a few weeks you will begin to notice an improvement.

Recovering your volume is not impossible, show off your hair with Henna Morena!

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