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How to prepare Henna?

- 02/06/2019

What do you get by preparing Henna yourself and applying it at home? To be free. Because you can change the colour of your hair, nourish it, refresh it and give it the vitamins it needs, all in one.

In the same way that you learn to cook healthy and wholesome dishes for your diet, Henna (as well as the rest of vegetable colouring that are 100% crushed plants) is the food for your hair. Totally vegetable, plants and only plants, without additives or synthetic ingredients. It is pure nature.


First, prepare the infusion of plants that you will find in our Henna box with very hot water. On the other hand, pour the entire contents of the Henna powder into a ceramic, glass or wooden bowl. Try to avoid metallic materials.


Gradually pour in the infusion until you get the texture of chocolate in a cup, working the mixture well with a palette knife or a brush until there are no lumps.


When you have a fine and creamy texture, add 3 or 4 tablespoons of Henna Morena hair oil. This will avoid the natural astringency of the henna plant and will allow the pigmenting molecule to adhere better to the hair, obtaining a much more intense and shiny result. Now, you can apply it, enjoy! 

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