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How to take care of dyed hair in summer with plants

- 06/16/2022

Pool, sea, sun... those magic words that tell us that summer has finally arrived, but that also warn us that we must take extreme care of our hair. Also, if our hair is dyed, the suffering can be greater.

The sun alters the hair's protective film, leaving it dry, dull, rough and brittle, not to mention its bleaching effect that is accentuated when combined with chlorine or salt. Unlike the skin, hair does not have protection mechanisms, so it is important that we reinforce our hair routine with the right products and treatments. Also, depending on what type of coloring you apply, your hair will have one or another need. Therefore, we tell you what you have to do to take care of it and keep the color as beautiful as possible in each case.

If you dye with synthetics:

This hair tends to need more grease and protection, since the chemicals and other synthetic components that dyes contain react worse to external agents. For example, bleached hair will tend to oxidize more quickly, taking on those famous (and hated) yellow and greenish tones.

1. Rinse hair in fresh water immediately after a swim in salt water or a chlorinated pool.

2. Consider the Henna and Silicon shampoo your new best friend, since it keeps the color for longer, without dyeing, without sulfates no silicones. In addition, you can complete the wash with the Henna and Shea mask, which will recover the soft texture and has a protective effect, thanks to the Shea, and will allow you a smooth hairstyle.

3. Apply the 100% natural oil once a week. For this time we recommend the Grape Seed and Petit Grain because it has the smallest fat molecule and is lighter. If your hair is really dry, oxidated or brittle, the Night Regenerating Serum is what you need: apply this concentrate of regenerating oils twice a week and let it act all night.

If you dye with plants:

Your hair will not react with the same intensity, so you just need to maintain good base hydration.

1. Rinse hair in fresh water immediately after a swim in salt water or a chlorinated pool.

2. Start using conditioner in all your washes, it will help you provide the necessary water and hydration. The Orange and Shea detangler is a must in Henna Morena. If you prefer solid cosmetics, this Coconut conditioner bar is your go-to.

3. Complete your routine when you get out of the shower with products that help you style your hair while moisturizing it. The Silicon and Jojoba serum works well on all hair types. You will love Aloe Vera gel if you like to make bows and pigtails, or if you want to define your curls, plus it has a moisturizing effect that prevents dehydration.

4. Remember that the Henna Morena vegetable coloring dye itself is a treatment in itself. Beyond giving color, plants have nutritional, moisturizing, antioxidant properties... Ideally, you should apply the dye more often than normal.

Also, if you want to complete your hair routine, in this section you will find a selection with our essential care products for summer.

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