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Silicone- and Paraben-free

- 03/07/2013

None of the Henna Morena products contain Silicones or Parabens. It is not a whim or an eccentricity: it is a matter of conscience. We explain why.

The time has come to consume in a new way, a more conscious, responsible and honest consumption. Because if you like to read the labels of food products, you should start reading the labels of cosmetic products.

That is why today we want to explain what silicone is, what parabens are, and explain the difference between synthetic and natural sulfates. Take note, and keep reading.

What is a Silicone?

Silicone is a substance used in many cosmetic hair products that artificially soften hair. Silicone means that when your hair is wet, the palm of your hand can slide across its surface as if it were silk. However, it is nothing more than a mirage: silicone, a synthetic ingredient (a polymer) also used as a sealant and in adhesives, covers the hair with a superficial film that gives it a smooth and soft appearance... but prevents it from breathing normally.

If you abuse silicone, the hair suffocates because you are covering it with a substance that does not allow it to breathe normally: the result is that the hair ends up losing its natural shine. That is why our formulas are free of silicones. It is true that with the use of our products the hair does not acquire an exaggerated shine, but in return it is a natural and healthy shine, which is undoubtedly a bet for yourself.

What are Parabens?

Parabens are preservatives that many cosmetics use to kill the growth of microbes in formulas. They were discovered 20 years ago and have become obsolete, as today there are many other ways of formulating to prevent products from deteriorating.

Why don't we like them? Because there are studies that investigate it as one of the causes of breast cancer. And before that, if we can avoid them, we do it.

There are many opinions that say that these are not conclusive studies, however we all know that there are many interests at stake: Parabens are very cheap and make the products more profitable for many manufacturers. We, just in case, remove them from our formulas.

And what about sulfates?

A few years ago, sulfates were also substances called into question, because they could be irritating substances that could make the most sensitive skin react. However, it is necessary to differentiate between synthetic sulfates and sulfates derived from coconut, which are natural and do not alter the naturalness of the formula.

At Henna Morena you will only find sulfates in our Solid Shampoos, in which we use Sodium Coco-Sulfate, a sulfate that comes from coconut, which is very soft and respectful of the ph of the skin and hair. If you do not want to use shampoos with sulfates, we recommend our range of Liquid Shampoos, 100% sulfate-free.

Our advice: do not use any product for your hair. Take a good look at the formulations and buy products that do not disguise the result. Find out and educate yourself: it is a matter of conscience and health.

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