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Products you can't forget after washing. If it's moisturised, it's protected.

- 02/21/2023

Just as a good shampoo is a must in your hair washing routine, a conditioner, a mask and/or a serum should not be missing either. These are responsible for maintaining the necessary moisture in any type of hair and preventing frizz.

Together, conditioner, mask and serum are the three basic products that complete your hair washing routine regardless of your hair type and needs, whether your hair is well hydrated or super dry. What we like most about them is that they have a double effect: instant and prolonged.

Instant hydration, because the moment you put them on your hair, you will notice how it’s softened and detangled; and once you dry it, you will notice how silky and shiny it is. Prolonged hydration, because as time goes by and they are become part of your routine, you will see how your hair is always more hydrated and nourished. How is this possible? It's thanks to the ingredients we've formulated them with, such as the Soy Protein in the Orange & Shea Conditioner, which enriches the product and makes it a treatment rather than just a finishing product.

Yes, we know, you need the answer to another question. It's the same one we've all asked ourselves in the shower at some point in our lives: When should I use a mask and when should I use a conditioner? Even more: If I've used conditioner, should I use serum?

Our masks, conditioners and serums are made with natural ingredients, free of sulphates and parabens, which are suitable for all hair types. Let's look at them in order of application in your routine:


Did you know that conditioner is an indispensable step in the hair washing routine? This product adds water to the hair, which means it hydrates the cuticle, provides nutrients and vitamins and seals the cuticle so that hair is soft, silky and shiny after every wash.

Our Orange and Shea Conditioner is formulated with a series of natural ingredients that improve the texture of the hair, making it shiny and silky, and preventing frizz caused by dehydration. Among its ingredients you will find Orange, a Mediterranean fruit rich in vitamin C; Shea butter that helps to nourish and soften unruly hair, long hair and even children's hair; Soya protein, vitamin E, Sage extract, ingredients that will help to close the hair cuticle and keep hair well hydrated. This conditioner is suitable for daily use and can also be left in the hair without rinsing, as a leave-in. This way, your hair will absorb its nutrients throughout the day. Its texture is thicker than a regular conditioner and lighter than a mask. You'll love it.


The mask provides that extra moisture to the hair that we need so much. It is a denser and more concentrated product than the conditioner, so we recommend applying it once a week. No conditioner is needed on that day.

Depending on your hair type, you will need different ingredients in the mask. The Orange and Sage Mask is recommended for all hair types, especially thin hair. Its light formula does not weigh hair down or affect its volume, and also the Salvia has multiple benefits on this type of hair. The Henna and Shea Mask is extra-repairing, so we recommend it for dry and damaged hair. Among its ingredients you will find Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil. In addition, we have added Henna extract to this mask, but don't panic: this mask does not colour. Henna coats and protects the hair cuticle, strengthening it and, at the same time, enhancing the natural colour of uncoloured hair.


The serum is the magic finish to every hairstyle, the last product in the wash routine that is worth not forgetting. Our Hydrating serum with Silicon and Jojoba is a concentrated moisturizing serum with first-pressed Shea, Jojoba, Ginseng and Coconut oils, which protects the hair's natural keratin and has a double effect.

At first glance, this product seals the ends, so your hair will look shinier, with a silky smooth texture. It will also controls your frizz. On a deeper level, this serum continues the moisturising work, as it contains ingredients that penetrate the cuticle and nourish: Shea oil provides a high content of Omega 3 and 9, which makes it super moisturising and nourishing; as well as Jojoba oil and Coconut oil, which contains 90% of saturated fatty acids in its composition. Ginseng oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that strengthen hair.

You can apply it daily to both damp and dry hair. If you plan to use a hair dryer or straightener right after washing your hair, we recommend that you leave the serum for last. If you have very dry and damaged hair, you can replicate it several times a day on dry hair, but no more than the amount of a single pump stroke.

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