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Repair your hair naturally

- 10/19/2022

Have you ever thought about how habits and lifestyle affect your hair? For a moment, imagine everything that happens to your hair in the course of a day: hot shower, quick brushing or styling, sun rays, pollution, air conditioning or heating, rubbing against clothes, chlorine from swimming pools, sweating when you go to the gym... (not to mention years of synthetic product build-up, if that's the case).

Constant aggression to the hair causes it to wear out and age prematurely. The solution? Learn how to take care of it in a natural way to repair the fibre, prevent breakage and restore shine and vitality. We can't stop the passage of time, but we can decide what foods we feed our hair.

The good news: you don't need to leave the house to repair your hair. You can do it yourself at home by following the steps of the Henna Morena Method.

The Henna Morena Method

These are the 5 steps in our hair routine to restore and maintain healthy hair over time.


The first step of The Henna Morena Method is a thorough cleaning with quality soaps with sulfates that remove harmful substances from the hair and with an alkaline pH that opens the cuticle and leaves it receptive to subsequent treatments with plants.


The Henna Morena Method now reaches a vital and non-negotiable moment: after the initial reset of the wash, our hair needs to reinforce its basic hydration with intensive hydration from the inside of the hair, and we will achieve that with vegetable fats

At the same time, your hair probably needs a higher level of hydrationHair oils and Shea butter are essential fats to repair the hair cuticle and prevent its natural dehydration caused by external aggressions such as cold, sun , humidity or synthetic products. Applied to dry hair, from the scalp to the ends, they rebuild the hair fiber from the inside and prevent water loss from the hair, eliminating frizz and achieving spectacular shine and silkiness.


Once the hair is clean and hydrated, it is time to feed it well: nutrition. The plant powder treatments and minerals (powder or liquid) need the hair cuticle to be repaired, to counteract its astringent effect and take advantage of all its benefits.


Your hair is now ready to use one of our vegetable coloring products (if you weren't thinking of changing your hair color, you can skip to Step 5). However, you should know that our vegetable coloring products are not simple dyes, but are 100% plant formulas designed to pigment and nourish the hair.

The more times you use synthetic coloring, the more you weaken and damage your hair. However, with vegetal coloring the opposite is true: the more times you apply the vegetal coloration, the more gray hair coverage, the more shine and the more density you achieve. Also, by repairing the cuticle, you counteract the damage caused by the sun, pollution, bleaching or peroxide. 


The fifth and final step is dedicated to finishing the hairstyle. Actually, you can incorporate this step from the beginning, as these are finishing products that will help you polish your hair after every wash. In addition to defining the hair, they are rich in nutrients, moisturise, make styling easier and provide the hair with defences. They are the protectors against premature hair ageing.

If you want to start this journey, clic here to know which products you need for each step.

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