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Shea: Today we talk about skin

- 06/01/2020

But aren't you hair specialists? Well, yes, but knowing how we know about Shea, we can't help but explain how it works on the skin. And if you read it, you need it.

Incorporating Shea into your beauty routine, especially in summer, helps your skin to be more hydrated, elastic, protected and, in short, healthier. Do you know its benefits?


It is a body and facial butter made from the fruit of a tree that grows in the African savannah. Its production process is as important as its benefits, because in addition to being a totally artisanal production, it is developed by an association of women from Burkina Faso: they collect the fruit, select it, roast it and grind it until they obtain an ecological and vegan butter, without microplastics, mineral oils or metallic nanoparticles that contaminate the sea or the environment. A product that connects women who live thousands of kilometres apart.


It is one of the most moisturising products available for skin and hair: it is ideal for after sun because it soothes and calms very dry and dehydrated skin. Due to its oily composition, it retains moisture, preventing skin dehydration, providing suppleness and elasticity. It is, quite simply, a natural anti-ageing agent. Thanks to this, it attenuates and prevents stretch marks on our skin (Attention pregnant women: it is the perfect product to have a stretch mark-free tummy during the 9 months of pregnancy).


After the evening shower, distribute all over the skin.

For thick, dry hair, melt and apply as an oil and in the same way you would apply a mask.

For facial skin and, be careful, the eye contour area. Always at night, so that the skin regenerates while you sleep.

For dry skin on the elbows and soles of the feet.

So that wounds do not leave marks, because it is a great regenerator (much more than rosehip oil).

To strengthen nails. 

To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy (and if you are not pregnant, too).


We are addicted to healthy skins

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